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Casa Trip Update

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Janet and I just got back from the Casa mission trip this weekend and everything went better than expected!  I think we had about 18 people in four vehicles and all the speeds were "safe and sane" as well as the health of most of the TMCC servants.  I personally checked the van out before the trip on Friday afternoon and it was spotless, mechanically sound, fluid levels at proper levels, tires good and tire pressures appropriate.

A young guy named Jeff drove the van and it was his first time doing so.  Before leaving TMCC I discretely reminded him of the dynamics of commercial van operation and he did well south bound into Mexico for we followed him in Mike Anderson's truck to make sure he and the fellow servants in the van were okay.  On the way back today there was concern. It seemed Jeff caught a stomach bug before leaving Casa (bad water?) and he was out of sorts but still intent on driving the van.  I suggested that Alfredo drove the van if he felt comfortable with it, and Jeff rode in the passenger seat since van operation with a sick driver is not that safe.  They agreed and Alfredo drove the rest of the way to Sierra Vista without any problem.

Once back at TMCC Joe and I cleaned the interior of the van, dumped any trash that was present, checked to make sure the "Blue Bag" was still in the back of the van and locked it.

See Joe on the tasks accomplished this weekend.
Personally, my crew unpacked, positioned, hooked up, and "test drove" two of the brand new clothes washers in the Wash House - they worked great so Casa now has two washers in the Wash House in operation.  Next, Joe discussed the need for a set of portable folding clothes lines - ones that could be positioned outside for the clothes to dry (during the summer) and indoors (during the rainy season).

A discussion resulted in my crew making two 2' x 4' tables, with a 2" hole in the  tabletop (like that of a patio table) so now Casa has a simple table the residents can move either indoors, outdoors, or remove the folding clothes line and use for bible studies, homework, or to play games on!  And the clothes line was at "kids" height so they can learn to hang and drive their own clothes.  Perfect!  Lol

Another task was to hook up the propane tank to the propane stand pipe on the Wash House.  It seems to be a simple task and generally is here in SV, but in Mexico ... not easy.  I did not have the parts I needed to accomplish the task. Joel, thank God, was there!  I told him what I needed for parts and with my descriptions and sketch of a flexible gas line and related adapters, he drove over an hour round trip to Home Depot in Hermosillo and to purchase get the correct parts.  Now the Wash House not only has two operating washing machines but propane to power the water heater so the kids can take hot showers!

Thank you and the entire TMCC church for your prayers and support.

Joe said the next major trip to Casa is planned for September since the summer heat is unbearable.  Joe will probably go back down there in May. This weekend it was over 100 degrees F!


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