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Bringing the Word to the Rural

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Greetings to you today.
We have installed horn speakers to the tribal churches which are located in the midst of the tribal communities. The word of God is being broadcasted through these horn speakers just before the peasant farmers go to their farms in the morning. Some even listen while doing their farm work, especially if their farms are close by the churches. One of the village where we had installed the horn speakers is about a thousand population and most of the parents are non readers, especially the elderly. Most of the children listen to the dramatized audio version of the Jesus story. 
Thank you for your kind help of the horn speakers and amplifiers. Each set of sound system with DC amplifier and two horn speakers cost close to 390 US dollars, including the car batteries charged with by solar generator / panel kit. Please pray with us for these tools for the harvests.
Also please pray with us for more sets of sound system for the purpose of broadcasting the audio bibles. The next thing that we are praying for are mobile horn speakers mounted to motorbikes as evangelists that go around the villages to another villages. In this way we can bring the gospel to the most remote hinterlands. We are buying used motorbikes for $100 - 200 and transforming them to mobile motorbikes broadcasting evangelists with horn speakers.
May God bless you.
in His service,
A and E

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