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Bible Translation in Mexico!

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Thank you all for your prayers this last month.  It has been a busy time starting with a translation consultant check, staff conference, meetings, and lots of traveling.  We are now ready to head back into the village to begin public Bible teaching soon in the Nahuatl language!  We are excited!

The Scripture translation that my coworkers, Nahuatl helpers, and I have worked on this past year had a good check with the consultant, and is now printed, ready to be handed out!

Before we left Las Moras this last time, we held a meeting with the community to formally ask permission to publicly teach God’s Word.  After discussion that it was for everyone who wanted to hear and that we would be teaching God´s very words in their language, one guy summed it up and said, "We will listen, then!"

We praise the Lord that we are able to start teaching soon.  Lord-willing, we’ll begin early July, and start teaching God’s Word beginning with Genesis 1:1, laying a Biblical foundation for the Gospel.

Would you pray with us these weeks leading up to the teaching?   
--Please pray that nothing would hinder God’s Word coming to Las Moras.

--Please pray that God would draw the people of Las Moras to hear His Word.

--Please pray for spiritual understanding as they hear the Truth. 

--Please pray that God would physically and spiritually protect the Nahuatl people and us these next months as the Gospel is presented.

--Please pray for us as we review each lesson in preparation for teaching, continue to translate, follow up with those attending to see how they are understanding the teaching, write more lessons, and handle normal life out there.  Please pray for joy from the Lord for us, patience, love for all, and rest in Him.  (And, physical rest as well!)

- Rachel

photo feature: Thank you Trinity Bible Church for sending encouraging visitors!  I loved having you visit, Sherm, John & Lee Ann!


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