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A Report and Update of Casa Esperanza

Posted by Caitlin Waterbury on

2018 has been a year of significant transformation at Casa Esperanza para Ninos! As some of you may already know, at the end of 2017, the Casa Mexico Board of Directors made the determination to restructure the leadership at Casa. Paul Plumb, and his wife Marlene are the new interim directors to lead the transition for the Mexican team. In the last 3 months they have been able to implement a new budget plan to save costs, make significant improvements to the campus, and develop a strong house-family structure. Not only do the children now eat, attend school, and church with their designated house-family, they are developing discipline in taking on daily responsibilities, as well as practicing giving to other children and families in need in their community. We have witnessed wonderful growth and response from the children and house parents as a result!

In addition to these changes happening at Casa in Mexico, our TMC Casa Support team is undergoing a restructure as well! Joe Gramke, who has been our Casa Mission Director for the last few years and led countless trips to Mexico, will be fading out of his role to empower others to lead teams. His plan is to support from the sidelines until the fall when we plan to re-fill the Mission Director role. Not only is this role changing, but we also recently added a role of Social Media Coordinator, which Melanie Arnold has stepped into. We are excited to see our team grown in response to the needs and mission of Casa! We are finding new and better ways of getting the word out about all the great things that are happening at Casa, and garnering more interest from others to help support this wonderful mission.

As a result of this restructure, we plan to reduce the number of trips to three per year.  These trips will continue helping with construction and maintenance work as needed, but will add a greater focus on the support of and interaction with the children. Our team will increase our focus on making a good connection between sponsors and the children at Casa, as well as on increasing the number of sponsors.

Another great update is that Casa will be the recipient of this year’s TMC Easter offering this weekend! Your gifts will go toward finishing the perimeter wall around the Casa campus to make it a more safe and secure facility for the kids and volunteers. We are happy to support them in this way. For more information on how to give, please see Randy’s last blog about Easter Opportunity.

Last weekend, the Casa Support Team was able to lead an Easter Celebration at Casa where we did crafts, face painting, and played with the kids. Our team of 18 lead by Jeff Estes thoroughly enjoyed spending more time with the kids and practicing our Spanish! We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who made the trip a success! Some honorable mentions are listed below:

  • Jeff who happily stepped up to lead a trip for the first time without Joe, and for cooking a wonderful lunch of ribs with his son, Daniel.
  • Norma who worked with Jack to plan and provide many of the supplies for the Easter art projects and basket fillings for each child.
  • The TMC Children's Ministry for collecting supplies for the projects and items for the Easter baskets.
  • The Casa house parents who provided breakfast for the team in each of their houses on Saturdaymorning.
  • Vic, Janet and others who donated food and supplies that Paul requested.
  • Everyone do gave their time and finances to make this trip possible and love on the kids.
  • And finally, Paul and Marlene who have worked so hard the last 3 months to transform Casa in such a positive way! Thank you for taking the time on Saturday evening to give some of the team a tour of Hermosillo, treat us to dinner, and develop relationships!

If you are interested in learning more about the mission of Casa Esperanza para Ninos, getting involved in future trips, donating goods and financial support, or sponsoring a child, please contact our Casa Support Team Manager, Janet Paladini at who will get your connected with the appropriate team volunteer.

Blessings and happy Easter,

-Caitlin Waterbury
TMC Outreach Coordinator


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