Sermon Discussion Questions

TMCC June 10-11, 2017 - David: A Man After God's Own Heart - "Risky Faith"; Pastor Randy Youngblood

  1. Have you ever thought about God preparing you, through your life experiences for a legacy He wants for your life? Can you share some moments you feel  God has done this in your life?
  2. What makes you a loveable person? Do you think you are only loveable if you do good. What does God's Word say about His love for you?
  3. Do you consider yourself as having a faith that can move mountains and defeat giants, or do you consider your faith somewhat soft and ineffective?
  4. Pastor Randy stated, "If you want big victories, you have to fight big battles." And he said, "You can't win without a willingness to fight; You won't fight without embracing risk."
  5. What do these statements mean to you personally?
  6. How do these statements make you feel?
  7. What might these statements look like in your own walk of faith with Christ?
  8. In the story of Goliath taunting the Israelites; the army being too scared to act; David defeating the giant; Who or what do you relate to the most? Please explain.
  9. Share a time where you found yourself in a situation where you were too scared to act and did nothing?
  10. "What we lose by NOT trying is greater than what we lose by trying."  Do you feel this is a true statement?  In what ways might this be a true statement?  In what ways might this statement be false?
  11. What are some practical ways we can increase our faith for the "big battles?"
  12. Discuss how David being prepared by God to defeat the giant may apply to our lives and how God might be preparing you to win.
  13. Pastor Randy presented a few next steps: 1.) To exercise faith by embracing risk. 2.)To defend Gods glory not my own reputation. 3.) To attack big battles like small ones (every-day practice prepares me for the big game). 4.) To declare confidence in God's ability when I am afraid.
  14. What is your next step of faith?

TMCC June 3-4, 2017 - Church Is - "Sinners Becoming Saints"; Pastor Randy Youngblood

Starting by READING Acts 9:1-30 as a group.

1)  Have you ever prayed continually for someone and thought there was no result? What was your reaction?

2) When do we stop waiting on God? Should we? Randy encouraged us to pray until something happens - rise up and be bold enough to pray for the impossible!

3) Randy told us that no one is too far gone for God! Why is it important to remember this?

4) Is there anyone in your life that you are treating as if they are “too far gone”? What might you do instead?

5) Saul actively oppressed the Church (Acts 9:1-2). Why? How would you describe Saul?

6) What happened when Saul was on his way to Damascus? (Acts 9:3-5)

7) What was Saul’s immediate reaction? Why did he not eat or drink for 3 days after?

8) Have you had an unforgettable “Saul moment” that might have had a different outcome? Randy mentioned that while we were often terrified in that moment, we reflect on it with gladness… why is this?

9) The Lord told Ananias to go and meet Saul (Acts 9:10-17). What was Ananias’ reaction? What did he do? How do you think you would have reacted?

10) After Saul met Ananias, he was baptized. What did Saul do next? (Acts 9:20-22)

11) Even though Saul had only been a Christian for a very short time, he began boldly proclaiming Jesus! How was he able to do this? How can this encourage us? (Acts 9:20 & Acts 9:17b)

12) Randy spoke about how someone “crazy bad” like Saul can become “crazy good” – do you think a conversion like this can be better than those who stay safely in the middle?

13) Randy said that conversion takes place when you place yourself under Jesus’ authority. Saul changed dramatically when he became a Christian! How have you changed? Are there areas in your life that still need to be placed under the authority of Jesus?

14) What happened when Saul returned to Jerusalem? Did Barnabas act as if no one was beyond the reach of God? (Acts 9:27)

15) Read Philippians 3:3-11. How does Saul (now Paul) portray confidence in the flesh and confidence in the Spirit? How can we apply this?

The message concluded with three thoughts: What Do I Do?  Which of these do you feel should be your focus area in the next month?

1) Pray for a shift in confidence from the flesh to the Spirit (ourselves and others)

2) Reach for the Mind through the Heart

3) Never ever see anyone as beyond the reach of God