Sermon Discussion Questions

TMCC October 14-15, 2017 - Waking the Dead - "Waking the Religious"; Pastor Randy Youngblood

  1. Read Acts 10 - Compare both Cornelius and Peter. How did God intervene in their lives?
  2. What was keeping Cornelius from God? Do you or do you know someone who may be like Cornelius? In this chapter how did Cornelius demonstrate his faith?
  3. What was impeding Peter's relationship with God? Have you struggled with something similar? Why?
  4. Randy mentioned how "there is often resentment of grace by those who think they have earned something." If God gives grace to all why do we feel others don't deserve it? 
  5. What can you surrender this week to improve your relationship with the Lord? How can we(your small group) help you?
  6. What are some practices of your faith you feel elevates to above others? Why do you believe that? 
  7. Take time in prayer to repent of your pride ( alone or out loud). 
  8. Find a way to cross a barrier to touch the life of someone you normally wouldn't associate with. 
  9. Homework read the Gospel of Mark.

TMCC October 7-8, 2017 - Waking the Dead - "Waking the Isolated"; Pastor Justin McPeak

  1. In terms of the series title, “Waking the Dead”, and the Bible text, John 4, who was awakened from the dead?  How?
  2. Read John 17:3 and define “waking the dead”.
  3. Jesus crossed barriers: what barriers have been, or are, difficult for you to cross?  How has God challenged you to deal with them?  How have you responded?
  4. What was Jesus’ goal for his interaction with the woman at the well?  Explain why you think that.
  5. Pastor Justin described the meeting between Jesus and the woman at the well as a divine appointment.  Do you agree that it was?  Why or why not?  
  6. Read John 4: 4 - 18.  Jesus’ response to the woman’s request for living water was “Go call your husband.”  Pastor Justin indicated that Jesus was pointing at the woman’s past so she would recognize how she had thirsted after water that resulted in empty buckets.  Can you relate to this type of thirst?  How have you acquired “empty buckets”, aka false sources of hope, in your past?  Are you dealing with any now?  What might you tell someone to encourage them to seek Jesus?
  7. Read John 4: 19 - 30, and 39 - 42.  Pastor Justin said that people don’t need to Photoshop out their past when they tell their story and let God repurpose it.  How was this evident with the woman at the well and the people of the village?  How has this been true in your life?
  8. Do you think the woman continued to isolate herself by getting water at the well at mid-day?  Why or why not?
  9. Pastor Justin said the woman went to a well, met a well and became a well.”  How would you tell your story in those three events?  (How did Jesus get your attention?  How did you recognize Him as the Messiah?  How have you shared that belief with others?)