Sermon Discussion Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions from the weekend of 9/15-16

Unfiltered: Fear Filter
Read Mark 6:30-44
Consider this statement:

Myth: God won’t give me more than I can handle.
Truth: God won’t give me more than He can handle.

Have you experienced this in your own life?

Consider this: “God works with God-sized dimensions to carry out God-sized plans through ordinary people.” What is the difference between your capacity and God’s? Can you share an experience?

Pastor Justin asked, “What do I do when I feel Jesus is asking for more than I have?” Justin suggested that the Fear Filter response was: I feel inadequate to do what I hear you asking me to do. How do you think the disciples felt after Jesus told them to feed the 5,000? If you had been there, what would you have thought?

Do you or have you ever felt inadequate to handle a task Jesus called you to? What was it and what happened?  

Why did Jesus tell the disciples to go look for food, when it was already obvious there was not enough food? (v.38).

Think about what God might be calling you to. How does faith play a role when we do not know the full picture? Can you share what you think your calling is?

Pastor Justin said to remove the fear filter, we should start with what we have.

How do you start with what you have? What is the emotional issue that breaks your heart? 

Start seeing needs as invitations. How can you adjust from seeing needs as interruptions? How does compassion play a role (v.34).

Start getting away with Him. When is your time and place with Jesus? What do you do during this time? How do you make this retreat time happen?

“When we place our finite resources in our infinite savior, they become limitless.”  Do you agree with this? Explain why you believe this.