1.       What comes to mind when you think of someone being humble?
2.       What does our society or culture think of humility?
3.       Give some examples of what humility looks like to you.
4.       Imagine you are a divisional manager of a sales team at work. (you are a Jesus follower)
a.     How would you earn respect from the rest of your team?
b.     How would you use your authority to "Elevate" or encourage your team instead of demanding they make you look good as their manager?
c.     How would you deal with someone who appears to be lazy in their assignments and not performing well?
d.     What do you say to the rogue team member who is all about himself and not about the team?
e.     How do you improve your team members' performance to increase your sales? (after all that is your job as sales manager)
5.     Have you ever thought of humility as being inspiring? How can humility inspire us in:
a.       Our family life?
b.       Our friendships?
c.       Our co-workers?
d.       Dealing with the nosey neighbor or the crotchety neighbor?
e.       Dealing with the jerk driver who cut you off?
f.        Dealing with the slow customer at the checkout in front of you?
6.       Most people do not think of themselves as being proud but most of us around them see it plainly. Why do you think we do not recognize our own pride?
7.       Discuss Luke 14:8-11, "...all who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted".
8.       Can you share a time when it was difficult to trust God in a humbling circumstance? Why was it hard to trust God during that moment? (1 Peter 5:4-6)
9.       Pastor Randy shared a picture of people at a difficult hill. One person had given up climbing the hill because it was difficult. Another was climbing all on his own. One person was reaching down to help another up the hill while the one struggling was reaching up for help. 
 a.       Where do you consider yourself at as this illustration relates to your life circumstances?
b.       Where do you consider yourself at as this illustration relates to your walk with Christ?
10.     Pray for one another the next step God has for you in the area of humility.