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Worship Arts, Giving and Event Updates

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Worship Arts Candidate Visits

Jared and Andrea McCormick were with us the weekend of July 8-9. We invited them to be our guests at TMCC and Jared led us during our worship. Jared is a serious candidate for the position of Worship Arts Director.

They were so blessed by the ways YOU reached out and made them feel like valued guests! Thank you!  We were impressed by Jared’s humility, sincerity, and heart for God and people! He seems passionate about seeing people on his team experience God working through them to lead others.  We feel that Jared can be trusted to love people and develop their gifts.  He seems to be someone who, instead of being “the show”, would grow people, while allowing them to experience God’s work through them.

I will keep you posted on any progress in our relationship with the McCormicks.

Feed The Children

BIG KUDOS to those who seized the opportunity to bring the blessing of “Feed the Children” to Sierra Vista!  Justin McPeak, Caitlin Waterbury, and ‘Chele Mills did a lot of work so that TMCC could be a conduit of this blessing!

400 boxes, with 50 pounds of food, were distributed last Thursday and this photo below pictures the enormity of the task we undertook!

I thought you’d like to read the report directly from Caitlin herself:

“I wanted to update you all on how the event went yesterday with Feed the Children and Teleperformance.

All of the 400 vouchers were distributed throughout town, to the Salvation Army, Care Net Pregnancy Center, Potter's Hands, Wellness Connections, St. Vincent De Paul, Knights of Columbus, Praise Prison Ministries and many other individuals. 

The event took place from 9 am to noon and we had a bit of a slow start. Not as many people came out, in the beginning, to collect food as we would have expected. However, God still allowed us to turn it around and help hundreds of families in need! We made more calls, and got volunteers to share about the event by word of mouth outside of stores. This gave us a huge turnout! We had many people come to us who said they heard from a friend it was going on. It brought so much joy and excitement that with the Lord's help we were able to raise that awareness throughout town to help more people.

We also were able to bless many staff of Teleperformance. They were the ones who sponsored the event. They have nearly 700 staff of whom many are paid minimum wage and support large families. Around 11:00 we opened it up to Teleperformance staff in need and gave out probably over 100 boxes of food and supplies. 

By the end of the event, we cleared out all 400 care packages! I am beyond proud of all the volunteers who helped put the event together and served yesterday! With each care package weighing about 50 pounds, and under the hot blaze of the sun, a lot of sweat and hard work went into distributing all the food, hygiene products, and children's toys. We couldn't have done it without the immense teamwork and God's grace and provision. 

Here is a photo of all of the volunteers at the event with the unloaded packages.

What a blessing for me it was to take on this role in coordinating the event. It was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the community and take pride in representing TMCC. A huge thanks to you all for all your help, encouragement and support as I've jumped into this role."

Caitlin Waterbury

Summer Giving

Would it surprise you that the offering plate is in the process of going the way of the dinosaur?  For our own reasons, we have never passed the plate, but you might be surprised at the breakdown of how people give to TMCC (year-to-date).

  1. Online 49%
  2. Offering Boxes 35%
  3. Auto payment 10%
  4. Text to Give 3%
  5. Business Reply 2%
  6. Other Mail (people who still have stamps at home) 1%

To me, giving is not only an important part of my worship but one of the most exciting ways I experience God!

I am excited that more people are becoming intentional about their giving by deciding in advance “when” and “how much” to give, rather than only giving when they “go to church.”  To me, this represents a more spirit-led decision that is a big step in developing a spirit of generosity!

Your giving is especially appreciated in the summer months when other faithful givers are relocating!  For example, we were able to recently help a family in distress in a significant way because you gave!

Online giving, for many, represents a transition to intentional giving. Did you know that we pay a fee for every online transaction and business reply envelope, but auto payment (done through your own bank) is free?  The fees on each transaction are small when compared to the value of the gift, and we are willing to pay them to help someone experience the joy that comes when giving is made a habit. We do suggest that once an online giving routine is developed that auto payment options be set up through Quicken financial software or directly through your bank. 


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