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Whetstone Church of Christ Visit & YouTube Tips

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Whetstone Church of Christ Visit

Recently, Whetstone Church of Christ had an old-fashioned “Singspiration”. Kim and I went to enjoy the fellowship with sweet people from other churches. Some of whom we served together with in a Summer Youth Camp in the 1990’s!

The skill demanded of the song-leaders and musicians for an event like this is incredible! For example, the entire 75 minutes were mostly dedicated to letting people shout out any song number in the hymnal between 1 and 1,030!  IMPRESSIVE!

A byproduct of going to events at other churches is that I get to experience what it feels like to attend church as an “outsider”. It’s not that anyone was unfriendly (we were very warmly received). But, someone unfamiliar with “how things are done” can “step in” while trying to be “themselves”. YES . . . you guessed it! That “someone” was me!

The first man who got up to sing his “special” number announced the church he was from (in Tucson) and everyone clapped.  I thought THAT was my clue . . . so when the time came for the second “special” number, the guy announced the church he was from . . . and I was the only one who clapped. Probably because  everyone, but me, knew what was coming next! He then proceeded to announce to about ⅓ of the audience (who attended his prior church) why he was no longer attending their church! He had valid reasons. . . but awkward!

Personal Worship

I was asked about my personal worship practices that I had mentioned in a message awhile back. Specifically, I was asked HOW I utilize YouTube. Click here to listen/watch this particular message. 

YouTube is loaded with everything good . . . and everything bad. SO, if the bad stuff is a temptation to which you are particularly vulnerable to, then please use something else (Spotify, Pandora, or even iTunes).

  1. Set up a free account. (A “YouTube Red” subscription eliminates commercials and a few other benefits for about $10 a month.)
  2. Search for your favorite worship band or song. (You can start with this one https://youtu.be/LfzpfqrPUDo.) 
  3. After you play something YouTube will flow into music that is similar, so you MAY need to select a few to give them a good idea of the kind of praise music you prefer.
  4. When something you like plays, click “like”, and I’m sure YouTube will use this in recommending music for you. By “liking” songs you will also begin forming your go-to playlist.
  5. Subscribe to bands or singers you want to listen to. You will be notified when those artists upload new music, plus they become easier for you to find.
  6. HINT: When you search by adding “lyrics”, you will be shown videos where the words of the songs appear on the screen. Some videos show the band playing, and others can be homemade with different backgrounds with the lyrics displayed.
Suggested Bands/singers
  1. Hillsong United
  2. Bethel Music
  3. Jesus Culture
  4. Chris Tomlin
  5. Elevation Worship
  6. Passion City Church (probably want to search with all three words)
My Uses

Sometimes, I select Jesus Culture and Kimberly Walker-Smith and just soak in the passion. Other times there are certain songs I seek out at https://youtu.be/nQWFzMvCfLE or https://youtu.be/qYLoigK4WSI. (I’ll let what plays be a surprise.)

Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I soak. (My voice has limited mileage available.) Either way helps me focus on aspects of God that can carry me through the day!

What I heard recently at the GLS Sr. Pastor Debriefing was interesting. Bill Hybels told the pastors how personal worship is an increasingly important part of his discipleship too!

We can receive the Word of God in different forms. I find the spoken or written Word enters through the mind, but singing allows God to speak directly to our souls!

Have you noticed how singing (or sometimes “soaking”) can change your mood? Why is that? It’s because dwelling on truth has a powerful effect from the inside out!  

I hope your “time and place” can include some personal worship...and if YouTube helps, then USE IT!





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