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What You May Not Know...

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Do you realize how soon Easter is? Easter invitation cards are available, please feel free to use these cards as a way of reaching out to people this Easter season! They will be available to you this weekend at Connection Point, and also in the Ministry Support Center during the week (Monday through Thursday). Grab a stack, give some to friends, and leave some at a restaurant with your tip! 

Please make note of our added gathering time for Easter weekend! We will have our normal 4 gathering times, and we also added a 7:30am gathering on Sunday. If you can, please come to our Saturday gathering to make room for our guests that will attend on Sunday. 

What You May Not Know... 

A “Good Friday” worship gathering, that will focus on the sacrifice of Jesus, will take place on Friday, April 14 at 6:00pm. You are encouraged to come to experience the solemness of that moment and bring your friends with whom you’d like to have a discussion with afterward.

This is not being mentioned in our pre-Easter outreach communications because any non-believers who come...we want them to come as your guest! Friday is for people who are already believers, OR THOSE WHO ARE INVITED AS YOUR GUESTS! 

Easter Gathering

This year, we will not start a new series on Easter (even though it is the best way to encourage newcomers to return). Frankly, in recent years, we feel we have tried too hard to make Easter “fit” as the first message in a series...and we didn’t always do it well. So, this year we will have a specific “Easter” message, and we will follow with a series we believe our guests will want to return to hear called “Church Is”. This series will highlight six ways God brings hope into the world through His Church!  It will be based in the Book of Acts, which is the place in the bible where we see how God formed the church in its earliest stages. This series will start the week after Easter and conclude at the end of May. (April 22-May 28)



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