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What a Christmas!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

I greatly benefited from our series Missing Christmas! Throughout this series, we talked about Christmas being “an encounter with God that endures all year!" I hope that you will benefit just as I am!

What changed for me is that I now have a lot more patience in the chaos of the crowds. Instead of thinking about me and how long it was taking me to accomplish my tasks, I looked into the eyes of more people and considered THEM before myself.

It even changed how I saw Senior Day at the grocery store last week! Instead of feeling run over by the “kamikaze carts” that clog the aisles around noon, I saw the pain in the faces of people who struggled to smile. IT’S GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR!


The wood and the roof tiles for the new addition have been delivered! We currently still have access to the East wing but this will change when they start remodeling the restrooms and classrooms 1-3.

We are also looking at options to expand the seating in the auditorium! Please pray for wisdom on this project!

During the construction process, we have a construction loan. The expenses of our project are being charged to the bank as they occur and when the project is completed, we begin to pay off the entire amount.  Because of the way you have already been giving to Relentless Love, there are a number of expenses we have been able to pay up front so they will never be in the “construction loan” and that reduces the amount of interest we will have to pay!

The reason we are borrowing the money up front is so that our facilities will be available to start reaching people right away. We evaluate “good stewardship” by the return of investment (ROI) in changing the lives of people, rather than just the amount spent.

Your generosity is reducing the cost while we are doing everything we can to reach more people!

The amount of goals set is at $970,085 and the amount given to date is $100,013!  When we pass $1,200,000, we will not only have paid for the cost of the construction project, but we will have also eliminated the remaining debt on the current mortgage ($309,000).

81% of those who have set goals have already started and are making progress! Pray for one another! Expect that the wind and the waves are the fiercest just outside of the boat!  That’s exactly when Peter lost focus.  KEEP WALKING TOWARD JESUS! Give Him the opportunity to do a miracle with your life!

116 households have set goals and 27 more have given with a goal! I AM EXCITED TO WATCH MORE AND MORE OF US GET OUT OF THE BOAT BECAUSE OF OUR RELENTLESS LOVE FOR PEOPLE! 


One of the local Strategic Partners we have been involved with for years has recently run its course and I’d like to take this opportunity to recognize the people from Thunder Mountain whose leadership made it one of the most effective multi-church ministries our community has ever seen!

Bob and Sue Potts have put their hearts and souls into caring for the homeless in our community! Weekly visits in the field, monthly hot-meals, and countless in-between hours caring for people in practical and tangible ways. This may be not widely known on earth but undoubtedly, is well-known in heaven!

When the founders of Potter’s Hands moved from the community a few years ago, Thunder Mountain Church bought the van they used and donated it to Potter’s Hands for their use. We also included the ministry under our insurance policy and supported them with monthly financial support. It was Bob and Sue as well as the late Ken Welsh and his wife Barbara who provided the leadership to make it go! I’m also grateful for the many of you who served faithfully through Potter’s Hands over the years as well!

When Potter’s Hands liquidated their assets, we received the proceeds from the sale of the van which we sent to help offset the costs of major surgery for the pastor of our strategic partner in India.

Please pray for Pastor S as he recovers from surgery for a brain tumor! His work of pastoring a church and feeding widows needs his full recovery! We are grateful to have been able to pay for a major portion of this expense! THANK YOU, Jesus, and to all of you for the generosity which allows us to respond generously to needs like this when they occur!


Because walking by faith by definition is risky, and because through our Relentless Love Initiative God has given us the image of “getting out of the boat” and facing the “wind and the waves,” the elders and staff have chosen "WORTH THE RISK" as our theme for the year!

We will do anything, other than sin, to reach people with the good news of Jesus and THAT IS RISKY in many ways! It takes us out of our comfort zones emotionally, relationally, and financially...but IT’S WORTH IT!

We live for that moment when we see Jesus face-to-face in heaven, see His smile, and hear those words WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!


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