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We're Hiring!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Spotlight on our Children's Ministry!

"Reaching families by providing a safe environment where children enjoy coming to know, love, and serve Jesus!"

Did you know . . .

  • We had 581 individual children attend throughout the year?
  • Our average attendance of children in our nursery-6th grade was 150!
  • Our highest number was on Easter, and that was 184!
  • During 2017, our number of kid’s ministry team members nearly doubled to 50 people. We really need to grow this number to at least 85 in 2018.
  • The last four Children’s Ministry Directors were Lindsey Hanson, Bethany Birkhead, Paige Christensen, and Martha Schafer.

The Children’s Ministry Team is a great way to serve if you love children and want to help families create legacies of faith that will endure from one generation to the next! NOW is the best time to get involved!  Please email me ( ) stating your interest and I will forward it to the people who can answer your questions!

Future Staffing Plans
Next Gen Ministries Pastor

The Children’s Ministry has been served well by those ladies (and the ones who came before them). However, the need for a Children’s Ministry Director will be met differently in the near future. We recognize that a church our size must hire builders of teams. The leadership of the Children’s Ministry team and the Student Ministry team will be combined under the person we are calling the “Next Gen Pastor”.  That ministry description can be found here.

The “one sentence ministry description” for this role is: “Preparing the next generation to lead the church!”

Some have said, “I thought you said the students are part of the church of today?”  YES THEY ARE and we are growing them as leaders in age appropriate ways...but, we must also prepare them to LEAD the church!

I’m excited about the continuity that can develop within Children’s Ministry by avoiding the rapid turnover. I believe that now the strong ties between the Children and Student Ministries will be even tighter!

This person will also be a member of the teaching team. We have had a Student Ministry for a short amount of time. During that time, THREE men are in ministry today who started their ministry training by teaching our students (Philip Engle, Justin McPeak, and Jarrid Hawkins).

Connections Pastor

Helping people firmly engage in the life and ministry of TMCC!

This person will lead our Guest Services Ministry Team (comprised of the Directors of our hosting, kitchen, and baking ministries).  He will also be tasked with growing our culture of hospitality! He will oversee the guest experience from the time he/she steps onto our campus, through the entire engagement process!

Again, since we can’t afford to pay people to do things, our Connections Pastor will also be responsible for building and overseeing ministry teams of volunteers!

Volunteers ARE the backbone of this ministry and we have excellent ministry teams, but I have a vision for even more that will require THIS type of focused leadership!

He will also be part of the Teaching Team. With the Next Gen Pastor and the Connections Pastor both being trained in our way of teaching the bible, we won’t find ourselves stuck like we were in the 18 months between Clint Isaac and Jared McCormick. This was a time when Justin was tasked with leading worship and being the only other member of the teaching team ready to teach on the weekends. Justin is a man of many talents, but his role at that time was too much for one individual! 

You can find the Connections Pastor ministry description here.

Office Administrator 

Serves every person who engages the Ministry Support Center with radical hospitality.

We are looking for an office professional who embodies our culture. Here is this ministry description.

For anyone who wishes to apply for any of these openings, please visit our Careers page on our website.

I’m excited how God is working to build His church and I see what a boost it will be to have these roles filled! We already have excellent candidates for each of these three positions, so PLEASE PRAY that God will call just the right people to these vital roles...just like He did with Jared as our Creative Arts Director! Our experience in the lengthy search that resulted in Jared, demonstrated the role prayer plays in this process! Please do your part by keeping these prayers before the Lord!

Justin’s New Role– Executive Pastor

With Laurel’s announced departure this Spring, Justin will be stepping into the role of Executive Pastor. He is a man of many talents and WHATEVER HE DOES, he does it well and he makes us smile!

I’ve watched Laurel mentor Justin as he prepares to assume this role. He will continue to carry the second largest share of the teaching, but he will begin to assume the responsibilities of overseeing the formulation and execution of strategies to take the next hill!  The new pastoral hires will pick up responsibilities that Justin now has in order to free him up to serve in this executive role.

Night of Worship and Prayer!
(Formerly Quarterly Prayer Gatherings)

Our new Prayer Coordinator (Dave Gibbs) and our Worship Arts Director (Jared McCormick) are teaming up to create their FIRST quarterly prayer event together! The first is scheduled for Wednesday, March 14th at 6:30pm, so please put it on your calendars now! 

First Tuesday Prayer! 

Did you know Dave Gibbs cooks dinner for everyone who comes to our First Tuesday Prayer? His food is always amazing! He cooks for us because of his passion for prayer, and as a way to make it possible for more people to come pray. We’ve outgrown our classrooms 1-3 and have not moved into the auditorium!

First Tuesday Prayer is held the first Tuesday of every month. I hope you can make it to pray (and eat) with us on Tuesday, February 6th, from 6:30-7:30pm.

Much Prayer . . . Much Blessing! 

That’s a BIG reason why I think 2018 will be our best year yet!


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