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Vacation Prayer Request

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on


THIS WEEK: The message Nabeel Qureshi was shared with me by a former attender and when I first heard it, I began sharing it. Qureshi was not looking for Christianity but Jesus found Him.  His story became the impetus for the entire Crucial Conversations series because of the way God used Nabeel’s Christian friend! COME to learn how to share the gospel with someone of the Islam faith and find out how God CAN USE YOU in a similar situation! We had no choice but to present this message by video because Nabeel died soon after he accepted Jesus! THIS MESSAGE IS AMAZING!


Prior to Kristen’s arrival, she shipped books by UPS rather than pay the airline to carry them with her on her flight.  

As the close of business was approaching on Friday, the books had not been delivered yet.  Savannah decided to go to the UPS office to see if there was anything she could pick up.  They were able to find one box of 24 books. We didn’t know how many to expect but that didn’t seem to be enough. Kristen arrived in Tucson late Friday night and when I picked her up on Saturday morning she said that she had paid for 2nd-day air shipping on SEVEN boxes of books with delivery guaranteed by Thursday! This caused us all no small amount of stress!

Of course, UPS is closed on Saturday but we did everything we could think of to try to get those books. We believed that they could literally save lives but we were stuck with only 24 books. I started the process to track down the books with Twitter.  @UPShelp told me, Unfortunately, the other packages were not delivered to the Access Point. They're at the local center in a trailer with hundreds of other packages and are scheduled to be delivered on Monday.”

We literally had to let it go and just pray and trust God to somehow use this unfortunate situation for good. At that point, it was hard to see how He could but that was “all” we felt we could do!

Well . . . God was at work!  A UPS employee, who usually attends on Sunday morning, “had” to come Saturday evening! Eddie Davis came to our rescue! As he was leaving at 4:30, he too felt the urgency of somehow getting the books and as he left, he said, “I can’t promise, but I will see if I can get someone with a key to get those books.”

THEN . . . even before Kristen was finished speaking at the 6:00 service, Eddie sat down next to me and Kim and said, “I got the books!”


  1. God took a tough situation and made a great story out of it!
  2. Eddie Davis gave “Raving Fan” service on behalf of his employer!
  3. Nearly 100 people went home with Kristen’s book, "Life in Spite of Me!" that weekend!
  4. The faith of our church grew!

I took Kristen’s book with me on vacation and read the entire thing before the plane landed at our destination! Keep in mind, I heard her tell her story five times when she was here and I LOVED THE BOOK!

Seems like everywhere I go, people are devastated from the effects of suicide! Read this book and give away as many copies as the names the Lord brings to mind!


Kim and I are on vacation with her parents, her sister and her family. There is another couple we keep running into who lost one of their two sons to suicide one month shy of his sixteenth birthday. This occurred decades ago and it’s obvious THAT tragedy changed the trajectory of their lives; relationally, emotionally, and spiritually FOREVER! It’s beyond heartbreaking! So far all of us have only been able to listen.

Paul and Mary are their names. PLEASE pray that God will set them free from the captivity that Patrick’s death created for them! We have a few more days with them on the cruise.


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