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Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on


As a public service announcement to guys everywhere: THIS SUNDAY IS MOTHER’S DAY!

We realize that this day is a source of great joy for many and a source of great pain for others. Just so you are prepared, we are planning to give a flower at TMCC this weekend to honor all women, teens and up.

The message this weekend in our "Church Is_____" series will be, Church is Courageous Compassion. This lesson will feature the ways that people in the early church actively cared for one another (Acts 2:42-45; 4:32-37).


You may have seen an email that we are looking for a Connections Director.

Soon after that announcement went out, we “upgraded” the position. We realized that we need a third “teacher” who can fill in whenever needed, and who is prepared should one of the two primary teachers be unavailable for an extended period of time. Like a baseball team, I realized we needed more “depth” in “pitching”, and it appeared to me that this had to be the position that supplied it.

We need someone to oversee the process from the time someone steps into one of our gatherings until he/she engages with us as a Ministry Partner.

Therefore, the position has been renamed “Connections Pastor.” Pray for Laurel as she sorts through about three dozen applications to see who may be a viable candidate.

As always, we like to first look within TMCC because understanding and embracing our culture (the characteristics God instilled into TMCC that makes us unique) is essential for someone in this level of leadership.

As a reminder, here are the essential criteria used (called the 4 C’s):

  1. Character (Trustworthiness)
  2. Competency (Ability to do the “job”)
  3. Culture (Do they get “us” as a church?)
  4. Chemistry (Is this someone you would want to work with?)

Please pray for God to call the right person here to this role!


Casa needs us! Since Casa Esperanza Para Los Niño’s relocated to their current location in 2009, we have been building the campus of this “house of hope” for dozens of abused and abandoned children in Hermosillo, Mexico!

Joe Gramke has done an amazing job leading teams of dozens of people every month for years. While at Casa, Joe also manages all the construction projects.

We came to realize that Joe needed much more support with Casa, so we began building teams. Right away, Janet Palidini jumped into the Prayer Coordinator role. She then took on the role of Casa Support Team Director, AND she has already begun building the teams. Jeff Estes has stepped up in the very critical role of Volunteer Coordinator. However, there are still a few more lead spots to be filled to round out the team! There are even lead roles for people who may not be allowed to travel to Mexico!

This team is such a blessing to Joe! He is thrilled to be able to focus on the construction, which he does so well...and Casa needs so badly!

If you're interested in being a part of this amazing team, below are the positions we would like to fill.

  1. Casa Storage Coordinator – There are 2 Units  
  • Selling Items that Casa cannot use or cannot take to Mexico.
  • Organizing the units (as needed)
  • Access to Facebook to sell online

Right now the Storage Units are organized, but as items are donated they need to be put away or sold.

  1. Van Cleaning Team
  • Prepare van for upcoming trips
  • Clean van after a trip to Mexico
  1. Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Set up local sponsors for children

To volunteer, in any way, please contact Janet at

To learn more about Casa, please click here http://www.casaesperanzaparaninos.com/.

The next trip will be at the end of May. The team will then take a break over June/July (the hottest months) before resuming again in August or September.


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