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There's Still Time!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on


I’m still excited about the 107 households who have faced the wind and gotten “out of the boat” to help make sure we are a church that continues to be “ever-growing and ever-reaching this generation for Christ!”

I’ve heard great stories and I look forward to being told more!

One person was awarded a contract that will significantly increase his income!

Another person is a modern “widow’s mite” story! She had set a goal to give the majority of her small amount of discretionary income...she told me on Sunday, “I’ve decided to give all of it!” I stopped and prayed for her, thanking God for her faith and asking him to create another story that will be told for generations!

What story is God preparing to write through you?


This weekend, Nov. 10-11, will be the celebration of the great start of Relentless Love! Construction is almost set to begin! We closed on the loan, and the permits are almost ready to be granted. (Pray for the modular to be approved!)

We will hold our own groundbreaking during this celebration this Sunday at 12:15pm! You know how on many big projects, the “suits” (or politicians) come out for a photo-op with a shovel full of dirt?  Well, at Thunder Mountain Church, we believe that honor should go to the people who are making the project happen (YOU!). So at 12:30pm, we will unlock the gold shovel in the case at the end of the west hallway and take turns breaking ground while snapping photos. We will provide lunch! We hope you can make it! 

What a memory the last groundbreaking was! Here is a photo of my grandmother (who passed away in January of 2011) taking her turn! Join us to make memories and help us dedicate the project to the glory of God!

If you have been praying about your participation and you’re ready to get out of the boat, you can do so by visiting our Relentless Love page on our website to give and fill out a Goal Card!


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