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Last month, I wrote about the ministry challenges that our Strategic Partner (Pastor A) is facing in the Philippines. These challenges still remain with the rise of ISIS in the region, as well as the ongoing poverty and devastation of one natural disaster after another. In addition to the $800 monthly support that TMCC gives to this Strategic Partner, you gave $1,005!! THANK YOU! That money was all wired to him on July 5th.

Did you know that in addition to the church our Strategic Partner pastor oversees congregations in several other locations?  One church meets in a garbage dump because that’s where the people live!! He recently emailed and said, “Our daughter church in the slum area is growing.  They need a Sunday school room for their children's ministry, as well as for their toilet. Please pray with us for their needs.”

One of Pastor A’s favorite activities is passing out audio Bibles. He sends many precious photos but asks that we don’t post names, photos, or specific locations online for safety reasons.

If you’d like to keep up with all of our Strategic Partners, please follow our Strategic Partner Update page on our website. You can click here to read these updates. 

What Do I Do with the Bible?

Wouldn’t you like to experience God from the pages of the Bible?  I believe He is eager to meet with us!  What do you need to do to allow Him the opportunity?

  1. Give God a “crack” in your day.  For me, it’s scheduling a time and place in my calendar.  “If it’s not scheduled, it doesn’t get done.”
  2. Observe before you interpret.  Everyone is a skilled observer.  Look at the Bible text and ask, “What do I see?”  Just describe it.  Make THIS step the majority of your time and see what God brings to your attention.
  3. Expect ONE thing!  Your expectations do more to determine whether or not you have a satisfying “Bible time” with God.  ONE is a “win.”  ZERO is always on me.  I press in until God is able to show me something.  I never complain about getting “nothing from God” because I believe He is always speaking in that “gentle whisper”     (1 Kings 19:12-NLT) and IF I get nothing, I wasn’t listening well enough.  
  4. Always ask, “How do I apply this?”  Here are a few prayers I have to pray, and if I don’t I am merely a hearer of the Word and I want to be a doer! I always ask, “What do I do because of what God showed me” and “What do you want me to do God?"

Where would you like to start?  I find my Bible time is better when I have already decided what I’m going to read ahead of time.  Don’t focus on how much you read but how well you observe what you do read.

WHAT are you going to read?  How about one of the books about the life of Jesus? We call them the “gospels” because Jesus IS “good news”.  Pick Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John and seek knowledge and understanding of who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him.

WHEN are you going to sit down and do it?  If it isn’t scheduled, it never transfers from “good intention” to reality.

WHERE will this be?  What distractions can be eliminated beforehand?  Remember to be nice to children when they interrupt you.  Let them experience the love of God from you when you explain why you can’t tend to their needs at the moment (assuming one of them isn’t bleeding. Lol!).

The McCormick’s Visit

Last weekend, we hosted a candidate for the role of Worship Arts Director.  Jared and Andrea were both impressed with YOU as a congregation for the ways you welcomed them and engaged in worship!  I will keep you posted on further developments.  


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