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Thank you, Laurel!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

You’ll never guess what texts I got Sunday afternoon after teaching about avoiding spiritual scams that morning!

Two staff members reported getting this email above from someone pretending to be ME! If you received this email, please report it by dropping down the "reply" tab in your email. You will see "report" as an option. 


Carol Strasshofer was one of the great prayer warriors (and personal encouragers of Kim and I) in the history of this church! I considered it a gift from God to have her daughter, Laurel, serve as our Director of Operations since December 2014!

Laurel brought a greater sense of professionalism to our staff.  She worked tirelessly (although I suspect she was physically exhausted many times!) through a difficult season where we were short two staff positions...for the majority of the past two years! During that time, Laurel almost single-handedly made sure we had vital guest services on the weekends!

Laurel has been mentoring Justin and Kristal well and they are ready to step up to the tasks!  

Today, March 14, is her last official day on staff. She will be moving to the midwest to join her oldest son in ministry.  I could see the call upon this mother’s heart to this next season of her life/service!

THANK YOU, LAUREL, for the many ways you leave us a better place because you served!


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