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Strategic Partner Report

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

I’d like to introduce our Strategic Partner Coordinator, Caitlin Waterbury!  This is a new position and Caitlin’s role is to facilitate the accomplishment of our Mission and Values through our Strategic Partners in the field.

Caitlin’s main responsibility is to ensure that our Strategic Partners are valued and supported through prayer wherever they serve in the field.

Caitlin just returned from her own mission trip and was looking for a way to get involved with our mission to reach out, touch lives, and grow people... far beyond the walls of TMCC!

Strategic Partner- Philippines

What a week it has been for our Strategic Partner in the Philippines!  Caitlin has been busy with email correspondence and with prayers. Caitlin updates our Strategic Partner Update Page on our website, click here to read these updates!

We have always had to be careful about not revealing identities in our communications of our Strategic Partners in the Philippines because of the ongoing dangers of Communist Rebels operating in that particular region of the country. We have heard that Marshall Law is being instituted in the Philippines because of the way ISIS has been on the move there.   

We have been receiving urgent requests for prayer, as Christians have become favorite targets of the militants. Here is a recent communication about how the militants captured the city of Marawi on May 23 and continue to hold it under siege.  

On June 5th, Pastor A wrote:

"As thousands of families fled Marawi City to our city, many refugees are now in our city to seek help and protection. We are trying our best that we can to help them. Last Sunday we had assisted a few families with rice noodles and sardines. We had also distributed school supplies to the children since school opening has just began. 

There are about 6 Muslim children attending our church. There three adults as well. Since we began helping them the slowly walls has been broken and now they are open to get engage with us in sharing the love of God. The Maranao tribe which most people of Marawi belong to is so resistant to the Gospel. But now they are beginning to be receptive after this incident of the terrorism happened in their own villages in Marawi. 

I still have the list of families close by our church who have not received any help yet from anyone since they are not located in evacuation centers. Those families who stayed in their relatives or some place except from the evacuation have not received rations from the government.


Please pray with us that we can do more to do relief operation and distribute audio bibles in Tagalog which the dialect they prefer to listen. 

Please pray that the war crisis in Marawi will put to an end. There are many terrorists now surrendered. The president has given three-day deadline for our military and police to control the besieged city and capture of the remaining terrorists.


May God bless you.


In His service, 

Pastor A."

Below are a few pictures that Pastor A recently sent us of the "war zone" in the Philippines. 


THANK YOU, Caitlin, for being there to pray as things unfold in far away places and to assure Pastor A, and other Strategic Partners, that they are supported in prayer!

If you would like to send something extra, you may designate your offering as “Outreach” for the Philippines during the month of June, and we will add it to the money we wire to them next month. Click here to give!

Reminder-Global Leadership Summit

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