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Staffing Updates

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

There are many things I would want to do better if we were starting the church today.  A few years ago, I listened to a podcast of the 30th-anniversary celebration of Willow Creek Community Church, and it struck me with envy how they were a group of friends that just started doing church together.

I realized that when we started this church, because of the way I led, we were more like co-workers than friends.  

Well, I think God heard the desires of my heart (or probably more accurately, HE PUT THEM THERE) and I feel we are starting over in a way as a group of friends (elders and staff) doing life and ministry together!

We have a few more resources, and we are responsible for a lot more people than we were 28 years ago. BUT, the gap between who we are and the opportunity God has set before us is still huge, and I’m excited to climb the next mountain!

 Worship Arts Update

 In a season where more is demanded of us all, I SO appreciate how Justin McPeak is a great teammate and friend!  He has the talent to do many things and a servant’s heart that will do whatever is needed!  Plus he just makes everything fun!

I look forward to being able to re-deploy Justin to Leadership Development and teaching as soon as we find our Worship Arts Director!

Just a heads up, there IS a candidate scheduled to visit, and lead us in worship, the weekend of July 8-9!  Please pray for the Lord to make His will known!

I heard some say that we need to be willing to compromise something to be able to get SOMEONE to fill that role.  That is exactly what we need you to pray AGAINST! Hiring someone just because they are willing to come would be the most tempting, most dangerous, and most costly mistake we could make! It would also short-circuit the work God is doing in this “land between.”  The delay is because God is doing more than we can see, or more than we can know, BUT, I know he is doing plenty that will be essential in becoming the church He is building here in the desert.

Connections Pastor

Laurel says we have several qualified candidates who have applied!  

I apologize for the confusion caused by the change from “director” to “pastor.”  This occurred because I realized that in a church our size we need a third person to be groomed to teach at TMCC.

Between the Connection Pastor’s focus on facilitating our ability to better care for one another, and giving Justin the ability to focus on the volunteer pipeline and leadership development, we will be able to address the two greatest growth barriers holding us back right now.

We NEED to grow in both of these areas before we are ready to build again because we can’t outgrow our abilities to care for or grow the people God will bring!

Disciples Who Make Disciples Who Make Disciples

If you’ve been around awhile, you might remember hearing about our desire to help people become “spiritual parents.”

I assure you it wasn’t a passing fad, but God has been reworking our assumptions of how that would take place here.  

There are two common thoughts of discipleship:

  • Method 1: Go through the material together, and voila you’re a disciple. Then say to that person, “now go do THAT with someone else!”
  • Method 2:  Get together and talk about whatever comes up and when one of us dies, the survivor needs to do THAT with someone else.

We were ready to roll out a hybrid of those two plans last summer, but circumstances prevented that from happening.  NOW, it is becoming apparent WHY! There may be a third method that will be right for us!

The details aren’t ready to be shared yet, but I see God’s wisdom in having us wait. I’m excited about how God is working with our elders and staff to develop a greater vision than we possessed last summer!




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