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Staff Outing!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Last week, we did a little team-building with the staff and took a trip to Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV) in Phoenix. While we were at CCV, we were able to spend a couple of hours with someone who does our jobs at a megachurch!

Everyone, whether full-time or part-time, made the commitment for the two days. After the time on the CCV campus, we did a few team building activities (golf, eating, riding in the van, and more eating lol). During our activities, we just continually talked with excitement about the ideas we had for the church!

We also thanked God for the great relationship of love, trust, and respect that exists between our staff and elders! I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for how the two teams lead together in a unique and supernatural way!


What a celebration weekend we had! 

All of it because 112 households have set goals and 132 that have participated in giving! With totals of $928,085 pledged, and as of today, we have received $41, 892. We are nearly at our “Silver” goal of being able to expand our facilities and in three years have no additional debt

Part of the celebration weekend was the ceremonial groundbreaking, not done by the usual “suits”, but with the people who are getting out of the boat to make the project happen! Everyone who attended had the opportunity to turn over dirt with our gold shovel!  

Immediately after the fourth gathering, I heard in the parking lot a boy loudly pleading with his mom, “But Mom! I want to stay and use the gold shovel! I see it every day!” It was so sweet to hear children feeling such a part of our church! That warmed my heart! 

Thank you to Shannon and Debra Schofield of High Jump Rentals for donating ALL of the “toys” that were enjoyed by our kiddos so much during our celebration weekend!



I’ve heard several "Out of the Boat" stories of God’s Relentless Love so far. This one came by email: “I got your thank you letter for Relentless Love today in the mail, and the next envelope I opened was a check for $750 from my water company! God works in crazy ways”. (November 8, 2018)


As we have mentioned, there is an outreach component to Relentless Love. TMC has committed a 10% tithe of the total funds received to go to a special outreach project in our community.

First, let me tell you of our experience with “tithing” on Building Faith.

  • Amount of goals set: $904,730

  • Amount of goals collected: $668,541.00 (74%)

  • Total given: $763,089.00

  • Amount paid towards mortgage principal: $900,000! (Mortgage reduced from $1.3M to $400,000 at the end of Building Faith. Currently about $309,000)

  • Building Faith outreach monies were used to build the Casa campus in Hermosillo and for disaster relief through the churches we support in the Philippines. God honored his Word!

 The Relentless Love Outreach portion will be used to help Lori’s Place expand their facilities! If you were here at the end of 2016, you remember how God used us to help keep their doors open (little did we know at the time) and now they are flourishing!

I will let director Brenda Parker explain their plans herself:

We are about to put a close to Cochise Family Advocacy Center’s successful third year in service.  In 2019 to date CFAC completed 109 forensic interviews and 37 medical assault exams. Our Victim Advocates have seen around 450 child and adult victims.  This time last year CFAC had one victim advocate and an Outreach Education Coordinator and myself (Director), this year we have a total of three victim advocates, an Outreach Education Coordinator and Advocate Volunteer Coordinator, and a Director.  

Future plans at Cochise Family Advocacy is to expand to our upstairs.  The lower level is geared mainly toward children. The large children’s playroom, kitchen, forensic interview and observation rooms and the Medical Suite which services both children and adults of sexual assault.  The upstairs will be remodeled to reflect more of an adult theme: quiet, serene, and healing for our adult victims. The upstairs needs to be completed and to meet County codes an elevator is required for ADA standards.  We are looking to raise $200K as soon as possible to cover these necessary expenses.

The Board, the staff and I are all grateful for what you have done to support us and crime victims already. We are in much prayer for this project and know that God will provide in the way He always does.


It’s not too late if you have been debating whether to “get out of the boat!” You can help achieve the “gold goal” of expanding our facilities to reach more people while eliminating ALL debt entirely. If we could reach this goal, it would put us in a great position to pursue the “next hill” of building the worship and connection space that is so badly needed right now!

You can read more about our Relentless Love Captial Initiative, here. You can also fill out your goal card today, by clicking here. 


We are excited about a candidate visiting for the Connections Pastor Role.  Reed Chapman and his wife, Ashley, will be visiting us this weekend.  There won’t be a formal introduction, but I wanted to share the news with those of you who read my blog so you can pray and enjoy recognizing them when you see them this weekend.

They both have a good understanding that “Good News” is about the heart of God and not just a plan of salvation! In addition, Reed has more vision and passion for groups and guest services than anyone I have spoken with in this process!

Here is a reminder of how we evaluate candidates for any leadership role with the church. We call it the “Five C’s.”


  1. Character (Christ-like character)

  2. Competency (the skill to do the job)

  3. Culture (the fit with who we are as a church))

  4. Chemistry (is this someone you actually like to be around?)

  5. Calling (we don’t want people just seeking a “job”)



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