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September Series-Taught by Justin McPeak

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on


Saturday, Sept. 1, 4:30pm - Night on Mission Worship Gathering!
(no 6pm gathering)
Sunday, Sept. 2, 8:00am depart Thunder Mountain Church to serve in the Golden Acres Community! (no regular gatherings)

Come ready and dressed for worship service outside of the walls of the church building! If you signed up, you are already assigned to project teams. If you aren’t, come early and visit the Registration Table.


This week, I will be with Pastor Mark Pitts in Chicago for the 2018 Summit Debrief with a number of Senior Pastors. It is something that he and I try to attend every year. This year is an unusually pivotal year for the Summit, so please keep this in your prayers for God to chart the course for the future of GLS!

Many felt this year’s Summit was the best and we already have 51 people registered for next year! (August 8-9, 2019) 


Every pastor, at any age, must be aware that his ministry days are numbered. During my first ministry, I determined that I wanted to build a student ministry that would continue without me -KICKS (Kids in Christ's Kingdom and Service) - which Kim named, (continues to this day). They call that “succession planning.”

I was asked by our GLS Field Rep, “Randy, what’s your succession plan?”  I answered, “If it doesn't matter who is in the pulpit while I’m here, it won’t matter who is in the pulpit when I’m gone.”

In addition, it is not only my passion but our responsibility to raise up men and women for ministry!

Last year, we were very short-handed and Justin had to lead worship nearly every weekend, so I taught nearly every weekend. I taught 40 times, which creates two problems: it doesn’t allow for much development and it causes some people too much dependency upon me. You haven’t seen me featured on an add for our church in twenty years.

As an important part of Justin’s (our Executive Pastor) development, he has been assigned not just a message but a series. He will teach the month of September and I’m excited for him...and for us!

We also strategically chose September because our youngest daughter, Carissa,  is due with their first baby...and I want to be free to go with Kim when Carissa gives birth!

Justin is a man of many talents and he does such a great job when teaching!  He makes everything so fun!

The series he is teaching is called, Unfiltered: Seeing Life as it’s Meant to be Lived! It will be about removing the lenses that distort life and our view of God, and how when we see clearly we are able to experience God...and, at the same time, discover the abundant life Jesus came to give! 


The reason I “welcome” people who are watching online at the start of every gathering is for two reasons:

  1. We record every gathering and never know which recording will be uploaded to the website, so I welcome people each time “just in case.”
  2. It’s good for us to be mindful of people “outside the room” every time we gather.

Every gathering is recorded, but as far as live streaming goes, the 10:30 gathering is always streamed. However, any one of the four recordings can be used for the podcast and/or website use.


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