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Project Serve Update

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on


We will conclude our August series this week. It’s gone fast but it has been such a blessing! Come this week as we are challenged to “Say Yes to God when Yes Means . . . Leaving the Familiar.”


I am excited that we are able to do Project Serve again on Sunday, September 2nd!

We want to make sure that you all know what to expect:

On Saturday, there will be one worship gathering at 4:30pm. 

On Sunday, we will gather at 8:00am to pray and then work groups will depart for their projects and the kitchen team will start on theirs.

Those of you who have signed up have already been assigned to teams. THANK YOU!

Those of you who have not signed up, please come a little earlier and head to the registration table. 


People with whom I’ve shared it have been very appreciative of how easy it is to watch or listen to messages! There are so many features you will find helpful, so go to your phone's app. store, search "Thunder Mountain Church", and download it right now if you can. I’d also suggest turning notifications on.  I assure you we will be very mindful of being respectful of the trust you are showing us by turning this on, and it will be worth it for the things you won’t miss out on as a result!


Several people have asked about a book I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  The book is called "Through the Wilderness of Loneliness" by Tim Hansel. It is what God used to open my eyes to the Wilderness as a place of preparation rather than abandonment.  Click here, if you'd like to order this book.  


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