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Project Serve, Engage! and....Jared is coming!!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Wouldn’t you agree that our church staff has been doing a pretty incredible job of maintaining excellence while being short two full-time people for almost a full year now?

Because of people’s willingness to work very hard and do their best under difficult circumstances, few decisions have been as difficult as the two I will share with you this week.  I just ask for your understanding and partnership, as we must TEMPORARILY POSTPONE two significant events due to our personnel shortages.

Project Serve

Increasing the impact of our local outreach is one of our highest priorities, and Project Serve is the event that makes the single greatest impact in our community!  The past two years, we canceled our gatherings on Labor Day Sunday to serve people in our community in practical ways.

Not only has it become the major local outreach event on our calendar but it is also becoming the blueprint of how we desire to impact our local community year-round!

This year, because there is no staff person to support it, and some of the people who “made it happen” the last two years are unable to do it a third time, sadly we will have to postpone this event this year.

It has been asked, “Why not rely on volunteers?”

THAT is a great question and one that is consistent with how we do ministry at TMCC!  The reason is that without staff support, it would be unfair to ask a new volunteer to lead such a large project!  Even with the new Creative Arts Director coming at the end of August (see below), many of the behind the scenes pre-planning, team building, project referrals, and site inspections would need to have happened before then causing us to miss our Fall Project Serve window.

Personally, I’d like to see mini Project Serve type projects initiated and completed by Connect Groups, but I believe the large church-wide event is a great catalyst for the smaller projects becoming part of a “lifestyle” of serving.

A significant project is being planned to help a mom and her children in our church whose home desperately needs attention!  If you would like to help with roofing, siding, or yard work, you may contact my wife, Kim, at


We are going to pause Engage until the needed revisions can be accomplished. We anticipate reintroducing Engage 101 in November and adding its follow-up, Engage 102, in January.

This class is the pathway for people to learn the unique qualities of TMCC, and to decide if this is the place where God is calling them to be at this stage of their spiritual journeys.  

Since Ministry Partnership is offered after attending Engage, it is also a tool to assimilate people quickly into the ministry here while exercising our responsibility to protect those whom God has already entrusted to our care.   

When our current Engage class was created, we were in the process of establishing our plan to be disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples.  The promise of helping people to become “Spiritual Parents” was a centerpiece of our Engage curriculum.

We were just about ready to unveil the plan to fulfill that promise last August but, with the staff reductions, it had to be put on hold.

Since then, the Lord has been giving us insight into how our Discipleship Plan needs to be put together here.  I am excited about the clarity that has been gained over the past year and where we are headed.

Truthfully, Engage has needed a revision for over a year, and with Justin serving as the Worship Pastor for the past year Engage has remained in the planning phase in light of those other responsibilities.

We are far enough in the Engage revamp to say, I AM EXCITED about where we are headed!  At this time, I will wait to reveal the particulars, except to say the new Engage process will deliver on the promises they make in a way that will make a significant impact upon the ministry of Thunder Mountain Community Church!  

Facing the Giants - New Series Begins August 5!

Do you lack contentment? Do you look around and see that you have so much, but yet you feel that something is missing?  Have your worries about what you don't have and your fears of what others think become giants in your life that scare you from really living life, and becoming who God created you to be?

Come and learn how to slay those giants and unlock the joy that God intends for you to experience!

Jared Is Coming!

After a search of sixteen months, Jared McCormick has accepted our offer to become our Creative Arts Director!  His start date will be August 28, but he will return home to perform a wedding the weekend of September 15-16 before moving his family out here the week of September 17.  He will be with us for GLS (August 10-11) and he will be on hand the weekend of August 12-13 to mingle and meet people.  Look for a more formal introduction later.


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