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Processing the Global Leadership Summit

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Wow!  What a great Global Leadership Summit!  If you attended, you were inspired by the great content you heard, and you are filled with a grander vision of what your life is going to be!  BUT, how do you move from good intentions to great results?

Get together with your team or a friend who was at the Summit and ask each other two questions:

  1. “What stood out to you?”
  2. “What do you think you should do about it?”

I find that the answer to the first question helps me identify what the Holy Spirit illuminated or highlighted to get my attention.  For me, God often “speaks” through what He causes to catch my attention.

The second question is one that is helpful when processing with someone else, as a measure of both confirmation and accountability.

It is also helpful to have that same person ask you later, “How’s it going with that idea you had at the Summit"?

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My Processing Sequence

The way that I process is a flow from my Notes, to my Action List, to my Top Actions.

Notes: include a lot of content.  I often use Twitter to search for complete notes that someone else has taken. I use two or three hashtags: #GLS17, #last name of speaker, and maybe a third #notes.

Action List: gathers everything I’d like to DO, as a result of what I heard.

Top Actions: identify a few things that I WILL begin to do.

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