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Our Strategic Partner Rachel Chapman

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on


One of our Strategic Partners, and probably the one with whom we are least familiar with, is Rachel Chapman.  We have supported her work with the Nahautl people in central Mexico for a number of years now, but we officially met her in January of 2016. Those who had the privilege to meet her immediately fell in love with her!

I learned while she was here that the person she said was perhaps her biggest supporter from her home church was none other than my sister’s mother-in-law! 

Also, while she was here, because of your generosity, we were able to take her to Staples and pick out just the computer her team needed at that time for their translation work!

This week she is writing as a guest blogger . . . well, sort of! Lol!  The blog is Rachel's, but it was “hijacked” by a friend and co-worker who gave us some honest insights that Rachel would not have written herself. Just an FYI, we did ask for and received permission to share with you this rare insight into one of our beloved Strategic Partners.  

ONE other detail is that Friday, March 24 is Rachel’s birthday!  You can send wishes to her by email ( ) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/rachel.chapman.90) OR you can bless her with a cash gift (http://blogs.ntm.org/rachel-chapman/give/).  

Rachel's letter is below. I hope you enjoy getting to know her a little better!

An update by Katie Moore, Rachel’s coworker in Las Moras
Why You Should Be Proud of Rachel

Today Rachel lamented that she was way overdue for an update and asked me jokingly if I would write it for her.  I said I would, and although I don’t think she took me seriously, I am.  Right now Rachel is across the creek, with her main translation helper, pumping out verses in the gospel of Mark.  This afternoon she will come home, eat a quick lunch, and then head to another lady’s house for a comprehension check.  Then in the late afternoon she will do exegesis, listen to the recordings she made during the day, transcribe rough drafts, fix mistakes, look over the things that people didn’t understand, make changes, and prepare to do the same thing tomorrow.  And the next day.

Not only that, but since the fall when all her co-workers left, she has been doing this job itinerantly, as God supplied friends who would volunteer to spend some time in our remote village so that she could continue working tirelessly on the translation. 

But that is not why you should be proud of Rachel, although her dedication and work-ethic are impressive.  You should be proud of her because she is motivated by a love for the Word of God, a desire to see it communicate clearly, and a humbleness that allows her to take feedback in order to improve the work and then improve it some more. 

You should be proud of her when she takes the time to read passages to the lady who does her laundry, not as a formal comprehension check, but simply because that woman needs to know the truth of the word of God.  You should be proud of her when she stops in the middle of translation session and says, “This is really rough today.  Let’s ask God to help us do it well.”  And you should be proud of her when she sits to talk with someone for an hour after her work is done so that they will understand that she cares about them, not just about the help they can give her.

Why You Should Pray for Rachel
You should pray for Rachel for all of the same reasons that you should be proud of her: because translation is difficult and tiring, because it needs to communicate clearly, and because people here need to hear and understand the Word of God in their own language. 

Pray that God will protect her health, her time, and her relationships with her co-workers, family, and churches.  All of these things can easily side-track us for the ministry opportunities before us.

Lastly, pray that Rachel will be able to meet her deadlines so that our team can begin teaching.  Ask God to give her calm under stressful circumstances and peace in the middle of occasional chaos.  Pray for our upcoming final consultant check of portions of Exodus, Mark, and a few other OT & NT books, which will take place in May.

Why You Should Feel Like a Part of What Rachel Is Doing
You should feel like part of what Rachel is doing because you are.  She relies on your encouragement, your friendship, your support, and your prayers.  She is not a maverick.  She cannot do this work alone.  She has a team, and you are on it.  Even if you never learn a word of Nahuatl and aren’t even sure what “exegesis” is, you are actively taking part in allowing the Nahuatl people to hear the truth of the Word of God in their own language. 

Thank you.






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