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Our 2018 Theme

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Our 2018 Theme . . .

What do you think is the next step in the development of our church?

Past Themes for TMCC
  • Ready Yourself (2010)
  • Reaching Out, Touching Lives, Growing People (2011)
  • Fully-Engaged (2012)
  • Building Faith (2013)
  • Storyteller (2014)
  • Refire (2015)
  • Authentic Faith (2016)
  • Rise Up! (2017)

I believe our church has a unique combination of grace and truth.  We are uncompromising on the truth of the bible and we administer it in a way that many people say is unique and refreshing today!  

When discussing our theme, our staff and elders wrestled with the question above. Instead of just something we DO, we wanted to make sure to emphasize the quality of being able to overcome any barrier in loving people, in embracing people, in reaching people with the good news of Jesus!

This year, we are going to become RELENTLESS in delivering the good news of Jesus that people so desperately want to see and experience!

Your Best Year Yet!

Are you ever frustrated with your inability to keep your list of resolutions?

I have seen how packed the gym is in January . . . for about two weeks (which is why gyms give discounts if you pay for the whole year in advance)!

What if . . . instead of a creating a whole LIST of resolutions you narrowed it down to one . . . and that ONE was just ONE WORD?

How might that improve your chances for success?

Do you want to be a more patient person? Maybe you want more self-control? Do you wish you spoke with more kindness?

What ONE WORD might make the biggest difference in your life?

We hope you can make it for our new series, Your Best Year Yet, starting this weekend (January 6-7).  Join us to find practical strategies to help make that ONE chosen thing come true!

“One Word" Challenge

Each of the past two years, I have chosen my “word” for the year...and both times that word played a significant role in my spiritual growth.

2016 - Courage.  
I was trapped in a cycle of struggling to finish my messages at the last minute, which resulted in a lot of stress for me and our home. God seemed to speak to me through a friend who challenged me with, “Unless you have the courage to disappoint people, you will never finish your messages on time.”  That insight was eye-opening to me and proved to be a life-changing “word".

2017 - Security.  
The next step of exercising the “curse” of people-pleasing was to address my insecurities and to seek a deep understanding of the security I knew I already had in Jesus, but often overlooked for some reason. During the year-long journey, I realized some things about myself:

  1. I didn’t believe people would love me if I disappointed them.
  2. I needed to learn to put my confidence in my calling instead of my performance.
  3. I began to be able to evaluate my work through the eyes of God, rather than for the approval of people.

As I revealed one weekend this Fall, I have sought professional counseling to understand the root of my insecurities. Humbling myself in this way, I believe, resulted in a God-orchestrated reconciliation the very next week of a relationship that contributed greatly to #1 above. I believe it also gave “permission” to several other people to seek counseling for “issues” they were facing and helped them feel a sense of release from any shame they had associated with seeking professional help.  

2018 - ?
I haven’t chosen a “word” for this year yet, but a few candidates are:

  1. Rest
  2. Calling
  3. Joy
  4. Fearless
How Do You Choose “One Word”?
  1. Pray for insight from and leading by the Holy Spirit!
  2. Answer this question: “Which word would make the single greatest difference once implemented?”

During Your Best Year Yet, everyone will be encouraged to choose that ONE WORD that will make the biggest difference in 2018! AND, the goal is to be RELENTLESS all year in accomplishing the purposes of God in our individual lives, as well as the life of our church!

Personal Growth Plans

What do you think God wants to see happen in your life in these six areas?

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Finances
  4. Friendship
  5. Fitness
  6. Fun

Write down your goals in a SMART way!

  • Specific. General goals are weak. “Be a nicer person” isn’t motivating until you specify “how” you are going to be kind.
  • Measureable. Will you know you’re making progress or when you have accomplished it?
  • Attainable. No matter how badly you want to visit the planet Pluto, it isn’t likely to be attainable in your lifetime.
  • Relevant. Is it worth doing?
  • Time-bound. You know why coupons have expiration dates?  Those are the ones that get used!  Without an “expiration date” on your goals, they aren’t likely to be accomplished!

I hope you can join us for the ride in 2018!  Jesus IS building His church and I am thrilled to be able to be part of it!

New Look In Our Auditorium

With a rebranding of our logo coming in 2018, and our desire to create an opportunity for greater artistic expression, a large projection screen will be placed on the front wall in the auditorium.  

Soon after the building opened in 2008, a form of our logo was placed on the front wall with the cross superimposed over the mountains. For the Christmas season, a large star was temporarily placed above the mountains.

For the start of the Your Best Year Yet series, the projector from the back wall will be moved to the front and the large screen will be in place.

It may be a little while before you see us really take advantage of it, but you will definitely see this new screen used to enhance the worship experience over time!


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