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Next Gen. Ministry Pastor Candidate Visiting!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

New Series

Confident and Unashamed-How to Enjoy a Relationship with God!

Are there things in your past that are a source of shame that you hope no one will find out about you?

I recall a time in high school when my buddies and I decided to get back at someone. A few weeks had gone by and we had long forgotten what we had done...until that one day I heard all of our names over the school announcements that we needed to come to the office. And I thought, what do we all have in common?...and then it hit me…we were busted!  

What do you hope you never get busted for? The bible says that someday we are going to stand face to face with God. Imagine on that day being able to feel confident and unashamed as you stand before him.

Come to our new series, Confident and Unashamed, starting this weekend, February 10-11. It’s not about goody two-shoes religion, it’s about how to fully enjoy a relationship with God.

Weekly Sermons:
10-11 Complete Joy!
17-18 God’s Answer for My Sin
24-25 A Clear Conscience

3-4 Not Every Spirit is From God
10-11 How to Know We are Children of God!
17-18 How to Know God Lives In Us!
24-25 How to Know You Have Eternal Life

Next Gen Ministry Pastor Candidate Visiting this Weekend

Adam and Megan Hollingsworth are an impressive and delightful young couple who are both set to graduate with Bachelor of Arts degrees this Spring from Nebraska Christian College.

The Next Gen Ministries Role will be to oversee the Children and Student ministries in preparing the next generation to lead the church!

We are impressed with what we know of Adam and Megan. They come highly recommended and feel drawn to our church because they recognize that we are people who value and trust young people with significant ministry. Our track record has proven that developing young pastors is a value we share and excel in!

We are working out the details of their visit, but the plan is to have them meet our Children’s Ministry team on Thursday evening, our staff and elders on Friday, and give a short teaching on Sunday evening with the students.

They will be present at all four gatherings this weekend.

Please join us in prayer that our ministry opportunity will be filled with the right person, and that God will direct Adam and Megan to the place that's best for them, regardless!


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