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New Logo!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

The Easter offering totals are still being tallied but I can tell you, based on $1 per person and $5 per Connection Card turned in, we were able to contribute $1,464 towards the construction of the security fence around the property at Casa Esperanza! Next week we should have an accurate number on the total offering! 

New Logo

As part of updating our overall communications strategy to better focus our messaging, we updated our Thunder Mountain logo. Some ask “What about . . . this or that”?  Everything we stand for can’t be included in one image. The purpose is to have a clear and simple image that people will see and learn to think of our church and their experiences of what we stand for when they see it.

Because we are specially gifted in reaching those who have given up on church, not being “churchy” was important in reaching them.

Through this process, even our name was evaluated.  I insisted on the shortening of our name because I know the growing trend in churches who reach this generation for Christ. The trend is often what I call “one name” churches.  I know my kids (who are now 25 and 32) have only (coincidentally, certainly not on purpose) attended churches with one name (Redeemer, Emergence, Resolved, The Grove, Redemption, etc.).

Even though we have a plethora of “Thunder Mountain” names around here (because that’s what “Huachuca” means), it was recommended to keep that name BUT to shorten it a bit.  “Community” was dropped, NOT because of any change of philosophy at all.

The logo emphasizes the mountain, which not only is an anchor to our community but also in the bible mountains represent a place where people had life-changing encounters with God.

We believe Thunder Mountain Church is a GREAT place for people to meet God!

Evolution of our logo over the years!

First logo 1989-1992
                                        Variation of first logo 1992  

Second logo 1993-1995
                                          Third logo 1996-2006

Variation of third logo 2006                                     Fourth logo 2006-2017 

We moved to a more solid variation of the same logo

Variation of the fourth logo introduced in 2013

New Series Begins this Weekend! 
Secret Sauce-A Recipe for Healthy Relationships

Do you have any recipes that have a secret ingredient? 
I have a friend who makes GREAT brisket! His long-time secret was a BBQ sauce only sold in Texas!

I have a special family pancake recipe.  One time I wanted to impress someone who was going to experience my pancakes for the FIRST time!  They ended up being terrible! I had made that recipe 100 times BUT on that occasion, I forgot a key ingredient and it made all the difference. (My friend I wanted to impress is still convinced I can’t make pancakes.)

Relationships work a lot like recipes. Do you have a relationship right now that’s missing something? Perhaps a key ingredient?

We are going to look at six ingredients that go into making the Secret Sauce of a healthy relationship!

I hope you can join us this weekend!


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Chris Holston Apr 4, 2018 2:56pm

Looks a lot like the Marmot outdoor clothing/gear brand image. I like it!