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New Church App!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on


There was a lot of uncertainty regarding the Global Leadership Summit this year that hasn’t been there in the past. To be honest, without Bill Hybels’ association with Willow Creek or Summit and the events surrounding his departure, we were questioning whether GLS would be part our church calendar next year or ever again.

Then came the Summit. Many of the speakers, who originally committed pulled out and others stepped in. However, the consensus was that GOD MET US AT THE SUMMIT AGAIN!

I had this thought: the world is a messed up place! People are wringing their hands all the time and leaving jobs, places of business, and even churches because of things they don’t like BUT when Jesus saw a “mess” where did He run? Jesus rushed in while the religious people were running away!

We will do anything but sin to reach someone for Jesus! We are more concerned with people knowing what we are for, rather than what we are against! I am more grateful for the speakers who came to the Summit thinking of “me” rather than those who pulled out thinking of themselves or wanting to make a statement.

This year’s Summit may have been the best ever! I can’t explain it but those who went experienced it!

The dates for next year’s Global Leadership Summit will be August 8-9, 2019. You can register HERE, using the rate code: GLS19TEAM.


With each new series, we don’t quite know how God will show up.  During the first two weeks of Living on Mission, I felt God give real life-altering messages and I can’t wait to see how (as one song we sing) He will do it again!

“Saying yes to God when yes means . . .” is a way to give a real, honest, and raw look at what following Jesus means AS WELL AS frame His loving kindness for us in how He leads!

Week one: “Saying yes to God when yes means . . . Living Behind the Scenes" turned into an encouragement to measure the greatness of your life by what God sees as you serve “behind the scenes!”

Week two: we found incredible encouragement through the insight of how God always wants to use our many wilderness experiences in preparation for the calling He is preparing for us!

This week: we will see FOR WHOM God expects us to leverage our influence for! Once again, JESUS will provide the perfect example for what we want to become AND the encouragement to become it!  I hope you can make it!


We’re so excited about this new, simple way for you to partner with us, so we wanted to make sure everyone heard about it. 

We now have a custom church app you can download to stay connected with everything here at Thunder Mountain Church! You can access sermons, events, and give, right through the app. Just go to your phone's app store, search for "Thunder Mountain Church", and download. 

This new platform also allows you to easily give a one-time gift or recurring gift, and you have the ability to give from your smartphone anytime and anywhere during the week!


Saturday, September 1, (at 4:30pm only) we will have a “Night on Mission” style gathering which has been very well received since we did the first one earlier this year. There will not be a 6pm gathering. 

Sunday, September 2, we will gather at 8:00am ready to go out and serve! Since when did “service” become sitting? We are going outside the building that weekend to work on projects for people out in our community! This will be the third Project Serve we’ve done and each has been very well received! If you want to help on a project team out in the field or in the kitchen (preparing lunch for people coming back from their work details), please visit the events page on our website here where you will be shown who to contact to get involved.


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