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Living on Mission

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

LIVING ON MISSION Our new series kicks off this weekend!

As you ride along as our planet takes lap after lap around the sun, in what ways would you contribute to making the lives of others better?

It’s easy to fall into the rut of making a living and to forget that MAKING A LIFE is of greater importance AND it involves the well-being of others, and not just ourselves.

I hope you can join us for our August Series: Living on Mission.  Come and find out how Living on Mission can bring joy and meaning not only to YOUR life, but make the world a better place because YOU were here!

Each week, we will look at a different aspect of saying “yes” to God when “yes” means something other than what we are expecting.  How we answer that question will go a long way to determining whether our lives are lived to benefit anyone.


What a grand finale we had in the Crucial Conversations series with Tina Upshaw!

How do you become someone that others will approach? The key is found in how you talk about other's sins when you aren’t aware of talking to the “sinner.”

When our daughters were in our home, I often felt obligated to use TV shows to create “teachable moments”...until I realized what I was actually teaching.  I became convicted that not only did they find the volume of my commentary irritating but I needed to reveal the compassion of my heart as well as the truth of God’s Word.

  1. Pray for nothing to interfere with God’s plan to use the Summit in our church and in our community!
  2. Download the GLS18 app and spend some time exploring its contents and connecting to the different social media platforms you use.
  3. Decide how you are going to take notes. I use my iPad with a wireless keyboard. I always replace the batteries in the keyboard before the Summit begins.

Project Serve is happening this year on Saturday, September 2nd. This community outreach event will replace our normal gathering times on Sunday morning. Instead, we want to invest in building bridges between the church and our community. We have 14 projects lined up to be completed by various teams. During this month of August, we are still looking for volunteers to serve on teams. If you’re interested in getting involved in this opportunity, you can reach out to Caitlin Ebbing, our Outreach Coordinator, via email at   or call the church office at 520-459-8622 for more information.


I began to share a story of a day at the nursing home. I was approached by someone at church who had been asked by a resident to go visit. When I entered, I was recognized and asked, “Is there anything your church can do for the residents here?”

The person I was there to visit wasn’t ready for company when I arrived, so I waited in the hallway where someone who attends TMC came up to tell me more about the needs of both the residents and the staff. It was even mentioned how someone coming to play the guitar would be a great blessing! Anyone whose loved one has spent time in a nursing home environment knows the ministry opportunity that exists with the staff!

When the resident I went to see was ready, we had a lovely visit. Several times she asked me to get a kleenex to wipe tears from her eyes. It was a precious time!

After leaving I sat outside in the rocking chairs to try to soak in the experiences.

  1. Is there a more “least of these” place we could visit? (Matthew 25:31-46)
  2. MAYBE the greatest ministry opportunity would be with the staff? Touch a heart here and bless dozens of residents day after day!

What we would need to launch this ministry is someone willing with the passion to lead it. You may not feel capable but if you wish you would be able to make something like this happen, please contact me at We will get the people who respond in a room to pray and figure out together how God might want to make it happen through us!


Thank you for your prayers for this hurting couple we met on vacation. There were no breakthrough conversations. Please pray for God to use something from our many conversations to create a desire to give God and church another chance!


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