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Legacies of Faith

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on


How much influence would you like your life to have?  What limits are you placing on it by insisting your not a “leader”?

Every one of us leads someone and the MOST challenging person you lead is YOU.

Invest in YOUR influence by coming to the Global Leadership Summit August 9-10!  The lowest host site registration fee is still available for $89 but, after June 26, it will increase to $119.


Dare To Trust God . . . Because Your Legacy is Still Being Written! 

  • What from your past do you need to have the courage to tear down?
  • Are you tolerating anything from the legacy you’ve been handed that ISN’T from God?
  • Do you need to be willing to start small and learn to be faithful with little?
  • Where have you heard God say “Go” but self-doubts are holding you back?
  • Sign up to be a Project Serve team lead. Click here for more information on Project Serve. 
  • Can you trust the last thing you heard God say, rather than feeding your own doubts?
  • Are there battles where you are relying on your own strength instead of His?
  • Thank God for being “enough!”
  • “Feed Yourself” -  JUDGES 6-8 and Hebrews 11
  • Boldness comes when you experience God but, we have to spend time with him!
YOUR “WORD” for 2018?

At the beginning of the year (click here for the “Your Best Year Yet” message series) many of us picked a “word” for the year to be our focus of prayer and intentional pursuit.  I have a prayer list with the words our staff and elders chose. It’s been very useful!

My word is “Rest.” The last eight weeks have been difficult as I’ve been struggling with health issues that have been difficult to identify!  Last Saturday was particularly hard when I joined many people who showed up for the work day to reopen the church playground and I had to sit and watch! THAT wasn’t the “rest” I had in mind but I suppose the Lord thinks that “humility” is part of “resting.”

I did learn from two MRI’s that my problems stem from a disk problem (L5) in my back, as well as arthritis and cartilage loss in my hip. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like I will need surgery but I do need a doctor to tell me what the long-term prognosis is and what I need to do about it. I am grateful for being able to walk again without pain but I still can’t stand for very long. Thank you for your continued prayers and patience!


Join us to celebrate Father’s Day!  Dads, you are working towards something that will outlive you. We hope you will come to find the encouragement you need and see that “God delivers more than He promises to those who trust Him!”

Your Legacy is Still Being Written!


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