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Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on


If there was ONE thing I could give you during your time at TMCC, it would be to delight in the opportunity to pray and experience the joy of seeing what God does in response to your prayers!

The most important thing I do every day is pray.

When I work, I work, but when I pray, God works!

Much prayer = much blessing!

These are all strong convictions of mine, and the person who has inspired and encouraged me the most in my personal devotion to prayer is Dee Duke. I have invited him to speak at all four gatherings this weekend! I hope you can make it!

If you would like to hear more on prayer from Pastor Duke, you will be given that opportunity! He will be coming back for an extra session this Sunday, Sept. 17, at 1:00 pm. Lunch will be served.


Would you like to be part of the prayer team that calls on the Spirit of God to be present during our worship gatherings on the weekends? People pray for this specific purpose, prior to our gatherings, both on Saturday and Sunday! This is where we ask God to:

  • Draw people to Himself through us.
  • Receive our many forms of service as a sacrifice of praise.
  • Bless the work of our hands toward advancing the kingdom of God and building up the body of Christ.
  • Increase the population of heaven and decrease the population of hell.
  • Make each of us aware of the needs of people who come, so that those who are coming for the first time and those who intend to be coming for the last time will all come again.
  • Speak through the speaker that day so that our words will be an overflow of God’s heart!

Prayer is 60 minutes prior to the start of the gathering, it lasts 30 minutes, and always culminates with the laying on of hands on the person speaking that day. IF those sound like blessings you’d like to help bring to our church, PLEASE JOIN US!

  • Saturday: 3:30*-4:00pm
  • Sunday 8:00*-8:30am

* Replacing the former times of 3:45pm and 8:15am to allow all of us to be present to welcome our guests and volunteers before the music begins.


It’s unusual when a military family is able to stay here for five years! From the time the Jobe’s arrived in 2012, they have served and served well!

Cliff and Lindsay served by leading one of our highly successful small groups for years. Lindsay served with the hosting ministry and was on staff for awhile (before baby number four was born). Cliff has served as an elder for the past two years.

This is a family who came to be a blessing, and they were!  After five years at Fort Huachuca, they finally had to PCS, and we send them off with much gratitude and excitement for the blessings they will be at their next duty station!


It was hard to have to call in sick last Sunday, but thankfully we had a video of the message that was shot on Saturday. The decision wasn’t made until the “cues” meeting following prayer on Sunday morning. The consensus of those present was that my physical condition would be a distraction to the message God had spoken the night before and that we would be better off using the video.

It was humbling because it was ingrained in us in bible college (35 years ago) to never call in sick, but “for such a time as this” is one of the reasons why we record messages.

It became painfully obvious to us all that our video quality falls far short of HD standards. We need to upgrade not only our cameras but also our projectors in order to provide a high-quality experience. Please pray that God provides a way to upgrade our equipment, so that not only those who come to our church always have a great experience, but everyone online considering whether or not to try a TMCC worship gathering, in person, will as well!



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