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Jared's Teaching!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on


You can still register and be at the Global Leadership Summit on August 9-10!  The benefit you will receive in your own personal growth at this kind of event is a bargain at any price.  I know every life I touch, for the rest of my life, will receive a better touch because of THOSE TWO DAYS! I hope you can join me.

Please use the codes below for the special available rates:

  • All Attendees: 18HSFAMILY ($119 rate until August 9)
  • Military: MILITARY ($89 rate until August 9)
  • Student: STUDENT ($89 rate until August 9)

I have enjoyed our series Legacies of Faith! For me, it’s been how God has revealed His heart to me in ways through Old Testament passages that I haven’t seen in this way before! We conclude the series this week with Enduring Faith! I am excited to be able to hear Jared teach at Thunder Mountain for the first time! He has been a great addition to our staff and a valuable member of the Teaching Team! I know He has been working on this message for weeks and has insights that will encourage you and me to have faith that endures for a lifetime and beyond. I hope you can be there to catch this blessing!

Your legacy is still being written!


Our focus on the month of July will be a series on how to bring Good News to crucial conversations on sensitive topics such as Suicide, Homosexuality, Islam, and Abortion. There is a lot of pressure to conform to a certain way of thinking and we will not only explore God’s thoughts on each topic but hear how to bring good news when you and I are the only person standing between life and death for the individual we encounter!

PARENTAL ADVISORY! Each week, because of the nature of these topics, language may be used that is graphic in nature.

We kick off a new series the following week with a special guest! Kristen Anderson is the author of Life, In Spite of Me: Extraordinary Hope After a Fatal Choice. She will be with us speaking at all four worship gatherings, as well as our Student Ministry event on Sunday evening. There may not be one of us who hasn’t either felt the pain or temptation of suicide! Kristen wanted to die but God had other plans. She will help us to bring Good News to those Crucial Conversations whether it be with ourselves or someone else. BE READY with Good News when YOU are the ONE standing between life and death!


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