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It's Time To Register for the Global Leadership Summit!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Last weekend someone asked me, “When is it time to register for the GLS? I don’t want to miss it!”  

I love questions like that!  The answer is: IT’S TIME NOW TO REGISTER FOR THE GLS!

Every year, since 2007, the Global Leadership Summit has been a non-negotiable appointment in my calendar. Every year, since 2008, Kim has joined me. Kim even attended one year when she changed jobs and had to take leave without pay! Now, we both host people...we sit at adjacent, but separate, tables to make room for our guests!

There is nothing, outside of our personal Bible study and prayer, that has made a greater impact on our leadership development.

I encourage you to make a similar commitment to your own leadership development and here’s why:

  1. You are touching lives every day. When you grow as a leader, your influence grows, and every touch you make has a greater impact!
  2. Make the most of the time God has given you! No matter how many years you live, time is limited, and you need to make every year and every moment count! Be your best that you can be this year, and then do it again next year!  
  3. Make the most of every opportunity! Some people think they should wait until they are given more responsibility. The Bible teaches that more responsibility will be given to those who make the most of the opportunities they have. Lead where you are!
  4. Invest in growing people! Start with yourself, and then look for others you care about that you can invite to join you!

Please consider:

  1. To be able to have a physical resource room onsite, we need a total of 100 registrants by June 30!
  2. The host site rate of $89 is good until July 11, then it goes up to $119 (still a bargain price).
  3. Last year, we had a registration within TMCC of 99 attendees.  We almost reached 100! The difference that many people make in the life of the Church in one year is incredible! Let’s pour it on!

GLS 2017 is August 10-11, and we will meet on the campus of Village Meadows Baptist Church. We enjoy a great relationship with Village Meadows Baptist Church because of the GLS!  

To register, you can go to www.WillowCreek.com/summit and use the code: PHS17TEAM (“Premier Host Site”). Or, you can register directly on our website, by clicking here!

Among our guests, we pray that the Warden of the Douglas State Prison will join us. We have the funds set aside to give GLS to the inmates, and this is a major step in that process. This kind of leadership development would make such a difference there!

Your generosity has made the difference in the GLS returning to the state prison in Kingman! Below is an email expressing appreciation for our gift!

April 25, 2017


Thank you for your generous support for the GLS in the Kingman Prison! We are so grateful for your support. It is very exciting to see this particular segment of the GLS explode in growth.

 Only God!

Trust you are doing well brother.


Steven Young

Steven Young
Chief Relationship Officer
Willow Creek Association


I mentored again this year (my first since cancer), and it was great to be back!  Here is the note I received from my mentee (I left his name out).

What a rewarding time it was!  Yes, an hour a week from October to May required some adjustments in my schedule and there were a couple of times I missed lunch, but it was all worth it!

If you are interested in making a similar investment, please email Becky Pipik ( ), and we’ll make sure you are ready in the Fall!


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