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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! 

Our series, "Rewind" 
concludes this weekend!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple and unique series as much as the Teaching Team has enjoyed preparing it for you! I could watch that opening video every day!

Every day is not too often to remind ourselves of what God has done and IS doing in our lives!

Only as adults, do we count how many times we fall instead of cheering the toddler, who is just learning to walk, for getting back up!

Serve. Humbly. In Love! (November 17-18)

THREE TIMES, (6:4, 6, 18) Matthew records, Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

Whether it’s noticed...even if appreciation isn’t expressed...none of that matters because we serve “unto Jesus” and we can hear heaven’s roar!


It was a quick in and out last weekend but here is the text I received upon Reed Chapman’s return home.

“Thank you so much for inviting us out to TMC this last weekend. We were impressed and blessed by the experience from start to finish. Tessa killed it from an administration and logistical standpoint. We felt instantly welcome when you picked us up at the airport. We were humbled by the generous gift basket and the car loaned by Joe and Gail. We felt the love your staff and elders have for each other on Friday. I was excited by the quality of leaders I met Saturday morning at breakfast. We enjoyed our time in Bisbee with Adam, Megan, and Justin. I was honored to be included in the prayer time and debriefs for Saturday’s service. I enjoyed interacting with ministry partners before and after the services, and hearing them brag on TMC. I enjoyed experiencing the services and thought it was engaging from start to finish. We appreciated the time to connect with Justin, Eileen, Jeff, and Caitlin on Saturday night in the McPeak’s home. I immediately connected with the heart of Engage 101.

Through all of this, a few thoughts kept popping in my mind. In no particular order:

This would be an easy church to love.

These people love each other.

Ashley would be loved and cared for.

I could make a difference here.

I hope God calls us here. 

Gosh, mountains are cool.

Thank you for the opportunity to come and connect with TMC more - I look forward to hearing from you either way. Either way, I’ll be cheering you on and prayerfully watching what God does in Sierra Vista.”

We will keep you posted on the progress of our relationship with Reed and Ashley.


Over the last two weekends, I had three men speak to me with emotion about how profound their experience with God has been with our church! Two of them were people whom I hadn’t previously met but and were telling me goodbye and thank you! Though they were here for a brief time they spoke with such conviction about how unique and special the work of God is through us!

135 households have “gotten out of the boat” because of their conviction that TMC MUST remove any obstacle to being ever-growing and ever-reaching this generation for Christ! THAT MANDATE WILL NOT DIE WITH THIS GENERATION!

We believe there will be about another 50 households that God is calling to walk on the water and help us not only expand our ability to reach more people but also be completely debt free in three years so we can pursue the worship and connection space we already need. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to pray about setting a goal and submitting the card with whatever amount would grow your faith as you watch God do THAT through you! You can fill out a Relentless Love goal card, here

We are looking at the necessity of adding a fifth gathering time in the next year, but before we can do that, we need to improve the ways we welcome people and help them find their place of service. If you are looking to serve and would like to see what ministry opportunities are available, click here

Thank you for the ways you love and care for other people! You never know how God will use your touch to encourage someone to come again and establish a legacy of faith that will be passed on from generation to generation!


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