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Happy New Year!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Regular Gathering Times Resume this Weekend

The new schedule was only for the weekend before Christmas and we will resume our regular Saturday (4:30 and 6:00pm) and Sunday (9:00 and 10:30am) schedule this weekend!

Alan Claytor will be Honored this Weekend

On December 16, we installed Richard Falcon to serve the next three years as an elder of our church.  This weekend, January 5-6, we will honor Alan Claytor as he rotates “out” after serving his second term of service as an elder.  (He had a two-year break in between his two terms.)

Alan came to faith in Jesus through our ministry and started coming here back in 1997! He is a wise and gentle man whose influence has helped shape the heart of this church as you know it today!

THANK YOU, Alan, not just for your service but primarily for loving the Lord our God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength...and for doing it consistently for many years! We are grateful for the ways you serve and lead!

New Message Series Starts this Weekend!

Do you know what gift I’d love to give you more than anything else this year?

I’d love to give you the gift of a great relationship with God!

If God has disappointed you, or if God let you down to the point you don’t believe in Him anymore, MAYBE think about if someone ever expected something of you that you didn’t agree to do?

MAYBE, it’s time to get to know God . . . like you would start to make a friend.

Would you like to learn how to build a friendship with God?

Our new series, “With” is about learning to ENJOY LIFE WITH GOD!

There are a lot of different ways I’ve tried to relate to God that made my life frustrating and that were based on expectations I had of God THAT HE HADN’T AGREE TO! 

“With” Books Available!

We purchased a large quantity of the book used to structure this series and, if you want to read it, you may pick it up in the lobby starting this weekend, January 5-6. These books will be given away free of charge, but if you’d like to reimburse the church, we paid about $10 for each one.

I hope you can join us this weekend for the start of this new series!

I Failed at Every "Read the Bible through in a Year" Plan...Except for this One!

I always wanted to do it, BUT to succeed I had to be perfect 365 out of 365 days! I didn’t think a 365 “game” winning streak was necessary... so I made my own “game”. If you really want to read the Bible through, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Read five chapters a day, five days a week! With a winning percentage of only 71%, you will finish the Bible the week after Thanksgiving! So if you read (don’t allow yourself to know this) two out of every three days, you will finish on November 29!

Here are the “rules.”
  1. Plan your reading days, not your “break” days! Schedule your “time and place” with God.
  2. Only five chapters! Read your five chapters and STOP!
  3. If you “fail” one day, ACCEPT GRACE! No “makeup” days!

Understand the “terrain.” Reading through the Bible is like traveling across the United States from West to East. You start out on the cool beaches of southern California that are easy to relate to, BUT THEN you hit the desert! Most people “die” in the deserts of Leviticus and Deuteronomy! BUT DON’T QUIT!

Before you start, ask God to show you ONE THING! Look/listen for one thought, one insight, one question, just one thing that catches your attention!

Be curious, but don’t worry about the things you don’t understand.


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