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Happy Independence Day!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on


This holiday symbolizes the grit, fight, and sacrifice by so many in order to make the United States of America a nation at all, and gave the impetus to become a truly great nation!

A lot of what we celebrate needs a little explanation.

We don’t just celebrate independence, we celebrate independence from the tyranny and control of a nation across the Atlantic ocean.

We don’t just celebrate freedom, we celebrate the freedom to decide what is right and to pursue that.

It is my Christian worldview that tells me to celebrate independence as a nation, as well as the constraints of wisdom of living within the constraints of the Word of God.  To give thanks for the freedom we cherish as well as know that the discipline of God is for my good and His glory!

So . . . Happy 4th of July . . . may God give us the wisdom and discipline we need to live out those ideals!


How has suicide impacted your life?

First, more of us have been taunted by that thought then will ever admit it.  I admit that I have at different times throughout my life.

Secondly, this topic has probably broken the hearts of nearly every one of us.

I remember Willie Holmes who moved into my school district near the end of my Sophomore year of high school. He ended his life that Summer. I remember Clint Fontanelle, one of the most gifted athletes in our conference, took his own life over a girl.  The first memorial service I performed after moving to Sierra Vista was for Joshua Valenzuela, a 17-year old whose family had just begun attending Thunder Mountain Church after moving here from Germany.

There were several others whose families I walked with through the intense and unique pain inflicted by someone overcome with despair and hopelessness. This was through people in our congregation, as well as people in our community.  When we were a smaller church, I was often the pastor the funeral homes would call on when someone died without a church affiliation. A high percentage of those were by suicide.

Kristen Anderson is the author of Life, In Spite of Me: Extraordinary Hope After a Fatal Choice. She will be our guest speaker this weekend, July 7-8, at all four gatherings and at the Student Youth Group Gathering at 5:30pm. Her book will also be available in our foyer this weekend! (suggested donation of $12)

Kristen wanted to die. God had other plans.

Overwhelmed by wave after wave of emotional trauma, she no longer wanted to live. One January night, determined to end her pain once and for all, the seventeen-year-old lay across train tracks not far from her home and waited to die.

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Kristen will describe her suicide attempt of laying down in front of an oncoming train. I think it is well done and I believe the reality of suicide is often lost on those who are considering it but we want parents to be informed so they can make the choice of they think is best for their children.


76 of the 138 people registered for the Global Leadership Summit so far are from Thunder Mountain Church!

I’m excited about the impact that will bring to our community by people who are investing their money and time to meet their greatest leadership challenge . . . the ability to lead ourselves! I believe that every life I touch, for the rest of my life will receive a better touch because of how I’m investing in myself on August 9-10.

Please join me at the Summit! Click here to register today! Use the below priority codes to take advantage of the discounted rate! 

  • All Attendees: 18HSFAMILY ($119 rate until August 9)
  • Military: MILITARY ($89 rate until August 9)
  • Student: STUDENT ($89 rate until August 9)


This weekend will mark the tenth anniversary of the opening of this building! We had only met in rented facilities for twenty years and had never seen the need to build as a priority. However, when we felt the “nudge” from God to build, we were obedient.  

The month before the building was opened, our attendance had risen to 150 people.  Now, we average about 650 lives touched weekly as a result of our weekend gatherings! We can thank God for His blessings as well as the faith of a relatively few, whose sacrifices gave God something to bless!

While “buildings” are often downplayed because of the number of times we have seen priorities of churches shifting from ministry to people, to the acquisition of facilities.  Praise God that He has helped us to keep our focus on people.

This weekend, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the opening of our first building, we will show a brief slideshow of photos highlighting how Jesus has been at work keeping His promise of building His church!


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