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Fear No Evil!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

You probably never will know how encouraging your feedback is about how God uses our teaching series to help you overcome the effects of sin.  Also, how you've come to know, love, and serve in deeper and richer ways!

I feel the energy in the room when I say things like:
  • “Greater is He who is in you Christ-follower than he who is in the world, so punch Satan in the nose and go hide behind your Big Brother and say, "Get Him, Jesus!"
  • “The bible says that the gates of Hell cannot prevail against us, so if we aren’t kicking them down, and setting captives free, it’s because we are too afraid to try!”
One person was in tears while speaking of an awful vision of literally looking into the mirror (week 2) and seeing Satan being attacked/run through with a sword...but added with a smile of victory “AND I DIDN’T EVEN FLINCH!” HALLELUJAH!  

Another came for “Memories”.This person believed God would speak a word through the topic being addressed that weekend . . . and that was exactly what He did! God is reaching out, touching lives, and growing people through us! What a joy it is to experience!
We are being set free from the effects of sin (our own and others), and He is using each of us individually to set captives free!
When we are in a proper relationship with Jesus, Satan has no power over us except that which we have given him!  
When you tell me “each one is spot on and in the right order,” I receive that as confirmation that God indeed revealed something of significance to you/us. He is working to see people set free from the effects of sin, so they may experience life as the workmanship of God!
Fear No Evil is about Six Factors of Spiritual Warfare that honestly, I identified because I was already using each one in my own life!   

Six Factors of Spiritual Warfare:

Click on each one to watch the individual message, and join us for the rest of this series! 
  1. ATTITUDE: I Hate Evil!
  2. MEMORIES: I’m Made New
  3. BOUNDARIES: I Define Them
  4. THREATS: I Confront Them (April 1-2)
  5. VULNERABILITIES: I Hide Them (April 8-9)
The Fear No Evil series concludes April 8-9, the week before Easter! 



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