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Ever-Growing and Ever-Reaching

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

As I’ve said publically each week, anyone who doesn’t consider Thunder Mountain Church “home,” is part of our community and whenever our community sees our hand out, we want them to ONLY see it to give, never to take!

However, people of Thunder Mountain Church understand the blessings of generosity. We give joyfully to reach people and remove barriers preventing us to fulfill the heritage of those who came before us to be “ever-growing and ever-reaching this generation for Christ!”

OUR CHALLENGE is to choose whether to . . .

  1. Celebrate the success of our past
  2. Be content to maintain the comfort and security of the present
  3. Continue our legacy as a church to be ever-growing!

One of our axioms is that We seek to grow a spirit of generosity in all people.  My conviction that generosity is the best way to experience God AND a “great” church is a church of GREAT FAITH, I will encourage people to: 

  • Choose to participate in Relentless Love!

Think about how exciting it will be to be part of a miracle from God as we pay for this expansion project and eliminate all of our debt! IF THAT HAPPENS, imagine the surge of faith in our church!

  • Give to Relentless Love over and above your giving to the General Fund.

The temptation for all of us would be to transfer what we are currently giving from the General Fund to Relentless Love. However, please consider what the impact would be...we would have a building but we wouldn’t have a church.

Giving to the General Fund is what determines who we reach today.

Giving to Relentless Love determines who TMC will reach tomorrow!

That’s why Kim and I give to our capital initiatives an amount in addition to the commitment we made to God for our General Fund giving.

  • Ask God to reveal a “miracle amount.”

I can tell you how Kim and I made our decision for the Building Faith Capital Initiative which became the biggest faith building experience of my life!

There were three questions we asked in going through the process ourselves

  1. What can we afford?
  2. What can we give if we make sacrifices?
  3. What gift could we give that “only God” could do?

For us, #3 produced a scary number and our first thought was NO WAY would we be able to do THAT! By faith, we committed to it AND GOD MADE IT HAPPEN!

When you pray, listen for a number you would be excited to give IF you could do it then ask God, “Do you intend for me to give ______ (fill in the blank)?”


This is the last weekend to make recommendations.  The eldership will meet next week to pray and to decide who might be ready to serve now (versus later).

People will be invited to a Prospective Elder Breakfast and then a number will be invited for interviews.

Please help us pray through the process.  It takes special humility of character to be extended an invitation to interview but not be selected to serve.  Some of those who have taken it well, became great elders after some “seasoning” while there have been some who have not taken it so well either.

Like so many of us, responding to disappointment with faith and humility is an important part of our spiritual development.

You will hear recommendations from the elders and have a two-week comment period from Nov. 24- Dec.  9.  After the comment period, the Elder installation will take place on Sunday, December 16. On January 6, we will publicly thank our outgoing elders.


Many of us Summit veterans thought last year was the best Global Leadership Summit ever!  If you want to get the best rate possible for yourself (and maybe a friend too), then you’ll want to register before the $79 rate expires on October 23. You can register, here.

By registering now, you place leadership development as a “Big Rock” in your 2019 calendar in a way that life will flow around, rather than “wait and see what happens.”  

I encourage you to do what Kim and I do and place the GLS in your schedule as a non-negotiable each year. I believe you’ll be glad you did!


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