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The celebration of Easter is just days away! I am so impressed how the heart of our church beats for people who have given up on church or who live far from God!

Easter Outreach Event


The 1,500 gift bags with Easter Invitations went so fast and people were even asking for more! I think we could have easily passed out 3,000 or more! The kids in these pictures ran so fast to leave invitations on doorsteps, and their mom's had a blast doing it together! Kim and I enjoyed the group we were with. We covered a section of Canyon de Flores and saved five for a few of our neighbors that we were wanting to extend an invitation to. Thank you to all of you who helped make this event a success!

Good Friday

The past two years, Good Friday has been a special time to reflect on the reality of Jesus’ sacrifice. We will offer a worship gathering this Friday, April 14, from 6:00-7:00pm.  This Gathering will feature music, scripture reading, and communion. I think you will appreciate the opportunity to pause and reflect on the seriousness of our faith!

Easter Message

This year’s Easter message will focus on the way that Jesus came to earth on a dangerous rescue mission! A video clip will be used from the movie Hacksaw Ridge. Most people will be able to relate to this clip, and it will be sensitive to those who have had difficult memories from real combat. I encourage you to join us, and don't forget to invite your friends!

When to Attend


Many of you have expressed your desire to make room for our guests by attending our Easter Gatherings either on Saturday or 7:30am Sunday. Many have even said, “I’ll serve wherever you need me in order to best help with our guests!” George and Jill will be ushering and Dave will be helping to point the way to our overflow parking lot. People are going to begin to experience God’s love as soon as they drive onto our campus!

Please remember that the extra service on Sunday at 7:30am will have the nursery available, but no other children’s small groups will be open. This 7:30am service is an extra service for Easter weekend only.

Where to Park

If you don't mind, please follow the signs heading East of our building to the gravel overflow parking lot. We hope to leave our main parking lot open for our guests.

Where to Sit

There may be empty seats…but if people can’t find them they conclude, “there is no room for me.” Last year people left from the 10:30 service because they couldn’t get in the doors. Please try to come a little earlier than usual, and scoot in to leave the aisle seats for those who come later.

Special Offering on Easter

This year’s special offering (designate #Easter) will go to Peach’s Pantry. Specifically, to help feed children in the Sierra Vista school district who otherwise might go hungry over the weekend!

In addition to the special offering, we will give $1 per person who attends over the Easter weekend AND $5 per new connection card! The team at Peach’s Pantry was so excited about our check last year for $1,321. I think their staff and volunteers are praying we have a big weekend! You can donate safely & securely NOW by clicking HERE, or by participating in the special offering when you visit us on Easter weekend. Thank you ahead of time for your generosity.

If you’d like to learn more about Peach’s Pantry, you can go to their website at www.peachspantry.org.

Report on Last Year's Special Easter Offering ...

Last year, we gave $4,887.95 to fund the establishment of the Global Leadership Summit at the Douglas State Prison. Unfortunately, we were unable to make this establishment happen last year. We are continuing to work to secure the necessary permission to take Christ-centered leadership development training to the inmates in Douglas...and that money is in the bank for when it happens!  

DOUBLE GOOD NEWS! Over the last year, the cost of sponsoring a summit site has been reduced from $5,000 to $3,500, AND we just learned that the prison in Kingman (the only correctional facility in Arizona to host the Summit last year) is $2,000 short of being able to do it again. WE ARE GOING TO FUND THAT PROJECT TOO! Normally, money on deposit only increases through interest....BUT, our generous God multiplied our gifts in another way! This is yet another example of how a spirit of generosity allows someone to experience God in ways that are just not possible in any other way!   

One more thing! We are giving the entire amount for Kingman by faith. If you’d like to help make up the difference between that cost and last year’s offering ($612.05), please just make note of it since there won’t be an official hashtag for that online gift. 


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