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Easter Update!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on


Easter is always a highlight in the calendar but maybe not for the reasons you might think.

I LOVE seeing the results of empowering people to do what God created them to do!

Jared had a GREAT idea for our Good Friday Experience!  I didn’t know how great, until Kim and I were standing out under the canopy greeting people and we heard them remark about “WHAT AN EXPERIENCE THAT WAS”! One hundred people came, even though they didn’t know what to expect.  I appreciate that so many people trusted us to deliver.

As I was walking over to the building from the Ministry Support Center, I looked around and thanked God for Anthony Gomez who maintains the facilities and the nearby grounds so well!  I remember the “old days” (in the MSC building) when I would be frantically pulling weeds before events, even as guests were driving onto the campus! I’m very glad those days are GONE!

I appreciate the people who gave up their preferred times of worship in order to serve or to make room for our guests!  It was cool to see RJ Moore with his chartreuse vest serving in the parking lot for all three gatherings on Sunday!

Dave Gibbs was hanging out before and after every gathering, giving away chocolate, in order to invite as many people as possible to prayer!

I loved hearing about how Robert Whan was caring for guests who came early or who needed guidance!

I enjoyed seeing the Praise Team really bring it during the fifth gathering, with as much joy and passion as the first! Andrew Culp said that he was ready for five more gatherings and I believe he expressed the hearts of Sammy, Carly, Audrey, Kay, Connor, Mikey, Justin, and Jared as well!

It was great to see how the Baking Team (whom nobody sees) was so passionate about providing the first taste of generosity to our guests!

Kerry Ingold had her hosting team staffed and ready!

I enjoyed how Kerry Roark and Becky Oliver dished out those goodies and coffee for all five gatherings and Cindy Engle was available whenever needed!

The Children’s Ministry was well prepared to reach families by providing a safe environment where children enjoy coming to know, love, and serve Jesus! Several of the leaders served in multiple services to be sure we had plenty of coverage!

Wasn’t it more powerful to SEE the Crossroads on different slides like it was?!?  The software company said it was impossible, but Jared created a way and I am grateful for the extra work Tessa put in to make it a reality! All because they wanted to see the message have a maximum impact!

I LOVE how the people of Thunder Mountain serve without the need or desire for recognition! SO MANY people served with joy and aren’t even upset when their names didn’t appear in print here!

As I reflected back over where we are and where we have come from, I gave thanks to God for the realization that THIS is what happens when people are empowered to do what God created them to do!

I thank God for the elders who leverage their authority for the mission of the church rather than their own preferences!  The leaders of Thunder Mountain are characterized as giving up themselves for the good of others when, in so many places, those with authority often want to seize control!

I am grateful that our paid staff “gives” their time rather than “getting.”  For employment, we see people who would do what they do for free if they could!  I love compensating people who are productive when the paycheck frees them up to give more time for the glory of God and the building up of His kingdom!

I love our elders!  I love our staff! I love our church!  I love the community God has called us to serve and to reach! I can’t wait to see the day when God “adds daily” (Acts 2:47) those who are being saved through the ministry of Thunder Mountain.


Since 2009, we have been building the new campus of Casa Esperanza para Niños, one building at a time! One important part of the construction that was overlooked all these years was the construction of a perimeter wall around the property and the security it would bring!

You took care of that with the Easter Offering!

Total Easter Offering giving  = $6,882.50
Thunder Mountain Church Easter Matching = $1,464.00 (1,069 people + 79 Connect Cards).
Total 2018 Easter Offering to Casa = $8,346.50

In addition, we are sending our monthly support check to Casa of $600 plus extra giving designated to Casa in March & April of $785.84, totaling $1,385.84.

Total donation to Casa: $9,732.34



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