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Easter Report!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

You Served!

You did it! Your heart for people was on full display in so many ways this Easter season!

You stuffed 1,500 bags with gifts and invitations!  You hand-delivered these gifts to encourage people to attend our Easter gatherings! You prayed God would send us people, who may only plan on going to church once this year, and that He would use us to touch their lives in ways that would inspire them to want to come back!

You Sacrificed!

You made room for our guests at the prime times on Sunday by attending one of our other services!  You parked in the overflow lot! You scooted in and left the aisle seats for others!  You came to serve “as needed”!

You Gave!

While final figures for our special offering won’t be available for another week, we know that we will make a significant impact with Peach’s Pantry in the fight against child hunger in Sierra Vista! Our giving will help feed children in our community who otherwise might not have had food for the weekend.

We do want you to know that the initial report is showing that the special offering is very close to $3,000!! In addition, $1,272 is being given from TMCC for our attendance offering! This offering was based on $1 per guest and $5 for each Connection Card or I Have Decided Card that was turned in.

People Responded!

There was peace in the lobby, and the auditorium, in spite of it being our busiest weekend of the year! People commented on how well prepared we were for such a busy weekend! The “people flow” was well-distributed through every service!

After six worship gatherings over three days (counting Good Friday), we were blessed to be able to touch the lives of 1,087 people!

Thirteen people expressed the desire to “Let Jesus Get Me Off the Ridge”, and ten people want to know more about being baptized!

If you missed the message this weekend and would like to understand the meaning of the phrase “Let Jesus Get Me Off the Ridge”, you may go HERE to view the video on our website! You can also download the podcast through iTunes.

Easter 2017 will go down in our church history as the year when people really stepped up to give God the opportunity to touch the lives of many people in deep and perhaps unexpected ways!

Changes In Children's Ministry  

Paige Christensen grew up in TMCC and has been such a blessing since she joined the staff! Sadly, she is moving to Minnesota due to her husband Isaac’s health concerns. They both served well and were a blessing in ways that went beyond the Children’s Ministry. They will be greatly missed!

The good news is that the Lord has already provided, in a most excellent way! Martha Schafer has agreed to step into the role as Children’s Ministry Director! Martha, and her husband Kyle, moved here when Kyle was on staff (from 2013 to August of 2016). A calling was evident in both of them. Martha has served faithfully in both the Children’s Ministry, as well as the Praise Team playing the keyboard and singing (but she also plays the harp). She has a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries, with an emphasis in Children’s Ministry, from Ozark Christian College. She grew up in the same home church as I did in Grinnell, Iowa!  We are happy to welcome her!

Come Check Out Our New Series!

April 22 - May 28
(From the Book of Acts)

Many people who have found a home at TMCC are people who had once given up on church!  If that is you, and yet you desire a deeper relationship with God and wish Church would help rather than hinder, please try again!

You will hear not only how God intended for his church to work, but also find the hope Jesus died to bring!

Come Discover How . . .
  1. Churchis People Experiencing God.
  2. Churchis the Weak Becoming Warriors!
  3. Churchis Community Without Compromise.
  4. Churchis Courageous Compassion.  
  5. Churchis a Call to Abandon Comfort.

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