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Dimerling Project–Thank you

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on


As mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, several people got together to serve in a significant project that was being planned to help a mom and her children in our church.  Below are the results of the first workday!  I understand August 26 is being targeted to work on the siding of the house and probably some additional yard work.  If you’d like to participate, you may contact my wife, Kim, at


Dear Awesome TMCC work team!


I am sorry I had to leave before you all were finished with the transformation of my property.  It was dark when we got home from church last night, but I went out this morning and


I was just in awe of how wonderful everything looked.  The property hasn't looked this nice, all at once, since we've lived here for 13 years!! I am so grateful that you would all take time out of your weekend to come help us.  It was an overwhelming project and besides, we didn't have the tools to even do a bunch of it.  I feel so blessed and like a breath of fresh air has been swept in! My 9yo said this morning,


"That was really fun yesterday!"   I don't know if you all thought it was fun or not, but you blessed us nonetheless - a huge weight has been lifted and I am so encouraged!    

I mentioned to a couple of you that one of my neighbors had texted and asked if everything was alright as she had seen all the cars, trucks and trailers heading to our property yesterday morning.  She is not a believer, but I was able to share with her how my wonderful church family had come over to help with yard work and cleaning up the property.  So not only did you bless my family, but the neighbors were watching too, and you never know what impact that might have made or what seed may have been planted in their lives.


I thank each one of you and pray that your weekend was full of blessing as well!




Much love and appreciation,



Charlie & kids

From one of the participants:


We had a wonderful work day!  Joe (Gramke) is God's man for "gittin 'er done"!  . . . everybody was so eager to start working after prayer, a group picture didn't happen!   What a bunch of hard workers!  . . . I can't think of a better way to spend a day!


In Him, 



The comments from many of you in regards to the What Do I Do with the Bible? series have been very encouraging. I am excited to hear how you plan to get your Bibles out again in response to this series.  I encourage you to schedule that “time and place” even if it is just ONE MINUTE to start.  Let God draw you into more time if that is His desire.  If you give Him a “crack” in your schedule, He is more than able to take it from there!


I am grateful to God for how much more He has brought to me, personally, through the Global Leadership Summit. In addition, I am grateful for the difference that this event has made in my leadership in our church!

For those reasons, the GLS has been a non-negotiable event in my schedule for over ten years!  The first year I attended, it was given to me as a gift that I give thanks for every year! The first two years, we took a dozen people to Mesa and when we were offered the opportunity to host, we jumped on it!  To be able to give access to world-class leadership training, to not only everyone in our church but also our community, has been well worth the investment over the years!

Location: Village Meadows Baptist Church, Sierra Vista, AZ
Schedule: Thursday, 8:30-4:30; Friday, 8:30-3:30.  


Jared McCormick, our incoming Creative Arts Director, will be with us for GLS. He will also be hanging out with us this weekend, although he won’t be on stage.  Even after he begins serving here, his time off stage will be very important.

One of our priorities was to find someone who has a heart for developing people, and we felt that someone who craved the stage would struggle to achieve that outcome.  Stepping off stage also allows time to meet other people, and gain an understanding of how everything sounds “out there.”

SO, as in “Where’s Waldo” style, see if you can find Jared and tell him you are glad that he and Andrea are called to serve with us!




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