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Dee Duke, Prayer Opportunities, and Auditorium Changes

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Impact of Dee Duke

People were touched by Dee Duke’s visit and the simple message “Much Prayer - Much Blessing”!

I was the lucky one who was given the responsibility to feed and transport him, so I had the opportunity to pepper him with many questions, and I took pages of notes! Besides the obvious purpose of his visit, because of his influence, I have begun taking my iPad to the gym and watching sermons by other pastors. This simple step has already impacted my teaching, AND has increased my time on the bike and elliptical machines! I have also found a greater confidence and fervency in my prayers!

I enjoy hearing how his message has impacted your life! This past Sunday, a couple told me how they have recommitted to praying together. They decided that they want to be part of the 1 of 1,000 ratio (praying couples who divorce) instead of the scary trends of our society that hover around 50% for those who don’t!

If you would like to order a copy of Dee's book, "The Time is Now", you can email Barbara at Jefferson Baptist Church here and she will help assist you in placing your order!

What’s your story?

Have you established that “time and place” with God in your schedule? A “date” with God that you won’t break so casually? Would you please share with me your story of the impact that Pastor Duke’s message had on you? You can email your story to me at .

Dee challenged us to plan to pray daily for 15 minutes. Did you make a time commitment to pray? If you have been closer to “zero” then 15 minutes might be intimidating, so instead of not praying at all, why not commit to ONE minute and write down the requests you want to present to God? Pray that list, again and again, adding to it as you pray. If you give God a minute, He will fill it!

One of our Elders, David Gibbs, suggested that people get a partner and go through Dee’s book together.


If you would like to order a copy of Dee's book, "The Time is Now", you can email Barbara here and she will help assist you in placing your order!

Opportunities to Pray

Weekly Pre-Service Prayer (Saturdays 3:30-4:00pm and Sundays 8:00-8:30am)

Just come to the Ministry Support Center (office) one hour before the start of the service, and we will pray for 30 minutes ending with a specific prayer for the speaker.

Monthly First Tuesday Prayer

Using the children’s classrooms in the East wing, we pray from 6:30-7:30pm followed by a great dinner by David Gibbs in the kitchen! Oh . . . did I mention it is on the first Tuesday of each month? Join us this Tuesday, October 3!

Quarterly Prayer Gatherings

Four times a year, we have a special evening of acoustic worship and prayer specifically for an urgent topic for the church! Our next one will be Nov. 7, in place of our regular First Tuesday Prayer.

How to Create Your Own Prayer Gathering!

Jesus said, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there among them". (Matthew 18:20-HCSB)


So what do you want to pray about and who might like to pray about that with you? You can set a time and place go with a friend or friends to pray onsite! Here are a few ideas:


  • Neighborhoods

  • Schools

  • Workplaces

  • Apartment buildings

  • Businesses

  • Our undeveloped church property

New Song Last Weekend

I am very excited about hiring Jared as our Creative Arts Director! He is exceeding my expectations in the ways in which he is learning and absorbing our culture. I believe that he is a great fit for the kind of church God created us to be!

Jared has plans to share new songs with you directly, but for now, he sent me a link on YouTube of the new song he introduced last week in closing. What a powerful image this song creates! I hope you can enjoy getting more familiar with this new song that we will sing again in the weeks to come!

In case you missed singing Glorious Day with us this past weekend, click here to listen to it!

Auditorium Changes


We are always trying to look at ourselves through fresh eyes. For a long time, we set up the chairs in the auditorium with as many aisles as possible. We did this because we felt that when people looked for a place to sit they were looking for easy access.

However, when we rearranged for a wedding the set up had an open center aisle with steps. We think that this looked more inviting, SO we tried the new arrangement and, other than forgetting to tell the communion passing team, it seemed to work well. (We will need to remind people to “scoot in” from time to time so we don’t waste seats in the middle of a row.)

This week, Jared and I did some more work to open up the stage and it required moving the baptistery/communion table. The table is now to the side of the stage.

Moving the communion table was hard for me because of my tradition that communion is not only on the floor with the people (not behind a chancel on the platform) but it is also front and center. I had to realize that moving the table did not mean we were lowering the priority (nothing in the bible spoke about that). Jared and Justin are going to explore the possibility of getting 4-5 smaller tables to be used to hold the communion elements that will actually be more central and more intimate than before.

Ephesians 2

Did you see the “homework” assignment to read Ephesians 2 daily this week and let God step into your day and awaken something within you?


I believe that you will really enjoy coming to know, love, and serve Jesus in deeper ways through a consistent time and place with Him!



Pastor Randy


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