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Crucial Conversations

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on


Last week: WOW! What a great start to our series! One of the things that stood out to me was, here is a woman who lost her legs telling us, “I would not trade everything I’ve learned about God to have my legs back!”

This week’s crucial conversation will be on the subject of homosexuality.  Because of our desire for people who speak on these subjects from personal experience with biblical authority, Linda Seiler will bring the message, “Compassion Without Compromise!”  She will directly address the hard questions our society is wrestling with right now! Not everything is the way it seems and God has a perspective that is compassionate and liberating! Come and see! This message will come by video and you are experienced with hearing God through whatever media He uses to speak to us!

Next week: One morning, when I was in my time and place with God, a question came to my mind, “Why isn’t there Islam music?”  What do you think? Have you ever pondered that question?

Join us to hear next week’s “Crucial Conversation” too...get your answer to that question as well as learn how to converse with someone of the Muslim faith!


A couple of weeks ago, God did something amazing to open my eyes to the possibility of a ministry in one of the local nursing homes. If this is a thought that moves you, please email me ( ).  I will share more details later.


There is still time to invest in yourself, your influence, your legacy! This is a “can’t miss” opportunity every year and a non-negotiable in my schedule. I believe it will be for you as well if you come seeking God’s voice!

You may use the codes below for the special available rates:

  • All Attendees: 18HSFAMILY ($119 rate until August 9)

  • Military: MILITARY ($89 rate until August 9)

  • Student: just specify that you are a student- no special code needed ($89 rate until August 9)


People, not buildings, have always been our priority. Hasn’t it been amazing how God used our investment in this building to expand our ministry to people?!? God has increased our touch by hundreds of lives every weekend because of the investment of a few in our first capital initiative ten years ago called Occupy the Land!

To be able to build again and do it at the lowest possible cost, many of you invested in paying down the mortgage through our second capital initiative called Building Faith! 

July 13, 2008 is a date we should celebrate because of the impact God has made through us in the lives of people over the last ten years! Here is the link to the video Jared created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the opening of our building!  https://vimeo.com/279340504


Thank you for your prayers! I have been pain-free for a few weeks but some numbness in my leg persists and I am having balance issues. I have been given a referral to a neurosurgeon for a compressed nerve in my back. I don’t think surgery is necessary but I need to pick a surgeon to have a consultation and I’ve been dragging my feet on this.


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