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Corporate Prayer Gathering–TONIGHT

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Here’s why this quarterly prayer event is so important to me!

  1. We pray so that God’s will can be done on earth . . . as it is already being done in heaven.
  2. Every day, prayer is the MOST important thing you and I can do!
  3. I desire for us all, the people of TMCC, to gain more confidence in praying with groups of people.
  4. I want to teach conversational prayer. My hope is that you will enjoy praying with others, and then others will enjoy praying with you!
  5. It is easy for me to admit that we are desperate for God to move in and through us.  God’s spirit moves in response to prayer!

The focus of tonight’s prayer will be to call on the Spirit of God to move this holiday season! We hope to make TMCC a place where hurting people can find comfort and everyone can draw near to God.

Agenda for the Corporate Prayer Gathering:

Prayer for the Holiday Season.

  1.   (SONG) – Holy Spirit
  2.   Lord we want you to move this holiday season…
  • In our church  
  • In our community
  • Beyond
  1.    (SONG) – How Great is our God
  2.   Direct us to people this holiday season.
  • People who are hurting!
  • People who are depressed.
  • People who are need a place to go.
  • Move us beyond good intentions!
  1.    (SONG) – O Come to the Altar
  2.   May people in our community find blessing in Your name this holiday season!
  3.   (SONG) – Glory to God Forever

Please come!  Even if you say nothing at all, your presence will impact the power of the evening by adding your voice to the cries for heaven to respond to earth! Childcare is provided! 

Tips on “Conversational Prayer”

(How to enjoy praying in groups.) Anyone who has ever carried on a conversation with another person, knows everything they need to know to enjoy praying publicly in a group.

You are joining a conversation like you do every day. We all should try our best to do the following:

  1.    Speak in a normal voice.
  2.    Listen to others, but don’t evaluate. (Don’t judge and you won’t feel judged.)
  3.    Respond to God about what you hear others saying on that subject.
  4.    No speeches.
  5.    No teaching. (Remember who you’re talking to.)
  6.    Change topics only after a pause.
  7.    Don’t confess other’s sin. (That is gossip.)
  8.    One topic at a time.
  9.    Pray requests. (But, give enough info that others can feel part of      the conversation.)
  10.  Pray scripture!
  11.  Takes notes to pray in your personal time.
  12.  Don’t say “we” when you mean “I”.

We hope that you enjoyed the first week of our series, Open Handed Living. If you couldn’t make it, please visit our website at ThunderMountain.org to watch/listen to any of our past messages!

Please join us for week two to continue to, “Discover how open-handed living reveals an open-handed God!”



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