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Connections Pastor Update

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Connections Pastor Update

Here is where we are in the process of hiring a Connections Pastor (as of June 14). Thank you, Laurel!

  • 48 total resumes received; of those,
  • 28 returned completed applications; of those
  • 10 did not meet the minimum requirements, or were otherwise ineligible, and have been notified we are pursuing others.

Of the remaining 18 who completed applications, 

  • 8 have been prescreened (and we were waiting on return calls from 2 others) for a total of 10 in this phase; a handful of these candidates are from AZ (Phoenix area).
  • 8 others are listed as "possible" but did not rise to the top 10; we will hold on them until we work through those that have been prescreened already.

We would like to narrow down those who were prescreened to the top 4 or 5 before we go the next phase of the initial Skype interview.

Here are the steps:

  1. Candidates prescreened (Laurel)
  2. Top 4 or 5 selected (Justin & Laurel)
  3. Skype #1 w/top 4 or 5 (Justin and Laurel) 
  4. Skype #2 w/top 2 of those (Randy, Justin & Laurel) 
  5. Skype #3 with spouse included (Randy, Justin & Laurel)
  6. On-site visit with staff, elders & connections ministry leaders.


I also wanted to let you know how we are benefitting financially in this season while being lean on staff.

First, we are building up our cash reserves.  Having a sufficient amount as “reserves” is just wise financial management for any organization doing important work and employing people as we do.  This was low the last two years (read “stressful”), and our goal became to build up two months of reserves.  I’m happy to report that Laurel (Director of Operations) and Kristal (Accountant) have managed this week-by-week and have built up our reserves to 1.5 months!

Secondly, tackling significant “special” expenses. We normally don’t have the money for this (and still don’t for all of it).  

  1. Parking lot. Cracks in the parking lot were filled and the asphalt resurfaced which not only looks very nice but also will prevent more expensive repairs later!
  2. Playground.  The playground was deemed out of code because the slide is too close to the fence. It seems puzzling to me that it was approved when we built it, but we can see how the changes will be good for the safety of the older children.  Not only do we need to move the playground, but we also want to improve it.
  3. Audio/Video Equipment.  Studies show that people visit us seven times online before they enter our building.  Not only does our video quality need to be improved to HD quality, but we also haven’t had our music online for several months because of the need to upgrade equipment. Our sound levels haven't mixed well for the online broadcast, which does no favors for our singers or musicians.

I am grateful for how God has been working this season!  I am thankful for how He is growing me and I believe He is getting us all ready for something special!

First Tuesday Prayer

FOR JULY ONLY . . . First Tuesday Prayer will be the second Tuesday, July 11. We hope you enjoy your Fourth of July.


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