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Connections Pastor Candidate Visiting this Weekend!

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

My Dad’s 80th Birthday

I am very grateful for the privilege and joy of being able to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday last weekend! From his Quintuple-bypass surgery at the age of 61 and so many back and neck surgeries, this wasn’t a birthday we expected to see!

I remember my dad sitting me down at age 4 and explaining why I should treat my mother with more respect than I was.

I remember his graduation from college and the example he set for education in our family.

From my dad, I learned, “My word is my bond” and that would be as binding as any legal contract.

I witnessed his desire to farm, which was really a pursuit of the family life he had longed for but didn’t experience growing up in his home.

I can testify to his love for the Marines where he served and was ready to accept a commission upon graduation... until I came along . . . then I learned the sacrifices a father is willing to make for the well-being of his family.

I was there when he quit a high-paying job on a matter of integrity. I helped out in the family restaurant. He bought the restaurant in order to allow me to finish high school,where I was well-established, rather than relocate before my senior year.

Over and over, my dad sacrificed for me . . . and then released me from my guilt by saying, “If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t change a thing!"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! I’m grateful for your consistent example these past 56 years on what it really means to be a man!  I LOVE YOU!

Easter Offering

For nine years, we have been working hard to build the campus for Casa Esperanza para Ninos.  We have poured the cement for the foundations of several buildings. Our teams have made several trips each year to finish those building and other projects.  Most of all, we go there to love the children who were abused and abandoned...until they found a house of hope in the city of Hermosillo!  What came to our attention is that they need to complete the security wall around the perimeter of their property and we said, “WE CAN DO THAT!”

This year’s Easter offering will be devoted to THAT project!  You may contribute by using #Easter whether you use the envelopes on the weekend, give online at ThunderMountain.org/give or Text to Give by sending #Easter to 520-389-6245.

In addition, the church will contribute an offering of praise to God by giving $1 for each person who attends our Easter gatherings and Good Friday, plus $5 for each Connection card turned in!

What I joy it will be to give the gift of security to those who call Casa Esperanza home!

Have you heard about Engage 102?

One of the big changes to engage! was that we now take the five “Strategies” and present them to people through a small group experience, rather than cram them all in 90 minutes.

People now attend Engage 101 on our campus on a Sunday afternoon and become equated with the history of Thunder Mountain. They then decide whether they want to be part of His story here or not.

From there, those people sign up for Engage 102. There they experience community in a seven-week small group experience, where they become well-acquainted with our seven strategies!

The first round of Engage 102 is now complete and it was a success! Thirteen people were very excited about the seven-week small group experience and the opportunity to serve!  The next “round” of Engage 102 will be starting April 9 and if you think you might be interested, contact Justin McPeak at

Connections Pastor Candidate

This weekend, we will have a candidate for Connections Pastor visiting.  Nate Tasch worked for years as a Cochise County Deputy before leaving the department to pursue a different calling he felt from God for the next season of his life.

While previously attending Thunder Mountain, he served in our kitchen ministry in a fantastic way!  He left to pursue a degree in ministry and now he is interested in returning to Thunder Mountain as a member of our staff!

One of my favorite stories about Nate involves a person whom I had put on a prayer card a few years ago. He had told me how he’d grown up in church and would never go back! Fast forward to February of this year when Kim and I were at Engage 101 sitting at a table with THAT MAN AND HIS FAMILY!  He told me that it was Nate whom God had used to bring him back!  WOWZA!

As a reminder, when someone visits, we are already pretty confident they would do what we are evaluating in a campus visit. The items we look out for are the following:

  1. Character
  2. Competency
  3. Culture
  4. Chemistry
  5. Calling
Next Gen. Ministries Pastor

As announced earlier, Adam and Megan Hollingsworth will be coming at the end of May, following their graduation from Nebraska Christian College.  That is the same school where I earned my bachelor’s degree but he is so much better prepared for ministry than I was at his age!

Both Nate and Adam not only appear to be well equipped for building the teams we need them to build but maybe even more valuable are the intangibles they each possess!

Look at Jared McCormick!  He not only is a great fit for us in creating a worship environment but the heart he has for reaching our community can only come from God!  Remember how we were gathering to pray for God to CALL someone here? Well, He did and He continues to do so!  Jared's “calling” is to break our hearts for those in our community who have given up on church, and to reach those that need hope that THEY CAN BE FREE from the effects of sin (their own and others), and those who long to make their lives count for eternity!

God is building our staff and positioning us for THE VERY THING he created His church to be ...the embodiment of hope in the world!

That’s why we reach out, touch lives, and grow people to know, love, and serve Jesus!


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