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Christmas Offering & Elder Rotation

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Local: Care Net Pregnancy Center of Cochise County

When people are faced with an unwanted pregnancy, there is such fear (and sometimes shame) that they are vulnerable to decisions that will be greatly regretted later.

As I stated in our gatherings a few weekend, the Pro-Life message has been better known for what it is against than what it is for. The Pro-Life message has clearly embraced the unborn, but the message of compassion for the person making the choice has often been absent!

Consequently, this message has often just circulated within the church leaving others without access to the message of hope of the good news of Jesus!

Care Net is well-known in the local church community, but their “word of mouth” outreach generally only travels within those same circles. Their desire (and ours) is for them to be able to reach beyond the church with the hope and encouragement people need at the moment fear seems so overwhelming!  

Your Christmas offering will be used locally to expand Care Net Crisis Pregnancy Services’ desire to reach people beyond the church in our community. They desperately need a redesigned website and we intend to fund that cost.

It is exciting to me that with our gifts Care Net will be able to get this project underway at the beginning of the year!

In addition to your local outreach gift, we are excited to match your gift (up to $5,000) to give internationally! I’d like to explain!

International (Matching Funds): Philippines!

Originally, the plan was to match your local gifts (up to $5,000), so Pastor A (name shortened for protection) could fund two projects with estimated costs around $5,000 (to build a church building and complete a water project in a village). However, we then received word that the water project was completed and the church building construction is almost finished.

He then asked if we would be able to promote that our Christmas Offering match will go towards helping them get this vehicle (pictured below; estimated at $12,000). We are honoring his request and wanted to communicate to you all that the matching portion of your gift will help to provide Pastor A with this vehicle. AND, anything given beyond Care Net’s need on their project will be contributed toward this vehicle as well.

Here are earlier communications from Pastor A on this subject:

July 18
“Please pray with us for our four-wheel drive vehicle for mission trip. Please pray with us. We are planning to upgrade the old jeepney rather than to buy a new one since it’s quite expensive to buy a new one. I just been from a mountain tribal outreaches distributing relief goods. The terrain was so bad and very muddy. Please pray that God will provide.this needed upgrading repair of our jeepney.”

December 1
“We are praying very hard for this needed vehicle for missions. It can carry about 23 people for mobilization of the evangelists, gospel workers as well as to bus in people to church. Most people here in the church are from poor families who have no cars to get to church. They rely on public transport which really takes time to get to church but since it drops and picks up passengers along the way going to the markets and their jobs even on Sundays, The public jeepneys here have certain route that it will pick up passengers as their plying to their respective routes that’s why it is really a great delay if someone will attend our church. So if we have our own vehicle, instead for the church members of traveling 2 hours they can get to church in 30 minutes and go home on time before lunch. This will encourage new believers by giving them a free ride to the church. New families are now attending  in our church . Let us pray that we can conserve the harvest to become a harvest force for the fields are white and ready to receive the gospel.

Please pray with us that God will miraculously provide us for this need. I am happy for your help as your church is thoughtful to bring help to the mission works in the Philippines.”


I am grateful that we have more men qualified to be elders than are serving as elders at any given time. This year, we will celebrate two men, David Gibbs and Jerry Halliburton, who have given three years of their lives in this role.

David Gibbs

From the time I made a prayer card for Dave as a “Future Elder,” I’ve been praying for his passion in worship and for prayer to become contagious! During the three years he has served on the eldership, God has been preparing him for his post-eldership ministry as Prayer Coordinator!  

Jerry Halliburton

Jerry and his wife, Judith, have been long-time Christ-followers in strong Bible-believing churches. In recent years, the Holy Spirit strongly began to make Himself known and they both fell in love with God all over again! Jerry was a great presence on the eldership both in maturity, as well as through his love for the brothers!


Last weekend, we installed three new elders for a three-year term. Each of these men have special meaning in my life.

Current Elders (standing) Randy Youngblood, Alan Claytor, David Gibbs, Jerry Halliburton, Rick Waterbury.
New Elders (Kneeling) Graham Yost, RJ Moore, Chad Gabbard.

RJ Moore

RJ and his family have been personal friends with ours for years. Our daughters went to school together, played sports together, and RJ and I coached softball together. There is something special about someone who has seen you at your worst AND THEN chooses to attend our church! Lol!

RJ has been a part of a men’s group here for years! It’s been a joy to watch him grow as a godly man of faith! RJ possesses wisdom, humility, a peaceful spirit, and maturity that will be a blessing to our leadership team!

Chad Gabbard

Chad and his family have been part of TMCC for years during two separate “tours” of duty. Two years ago, we interviewed Chad for eldership and concluded it wasn’t his time yet.  Please understand that giving someone THAT message isn’t easy...because not everyone receives it very well, but Chad did! That impressed me! He is a man of humility who is committed to the scriptures as the Word of God, and has a servant’s heart!  We will be blessed to have Chad in our leadership circle!

Graham Yost

What impresses me about Graham is the way in which he listens to the voice of God and obeys! The track record (history) of a young man won’t be as long as an older man.  A younger man may not come in as tested. However, this man has been tested; he has chosen to be a Christ-follower, and he is leading his family well.  We are a church who believes that young men don’t have to become old to be trusted with leadership!  Graham brings a passionate faith, along with a servant’s heart, to our eldership that will be a blessing!

I am excited about the team God is assembling at TMCC!  I was also blessed to serve with the men who are transitioning out.  They were men I loved when their terms began, and they are men I love and respect even more after having served with them the past three years!

I am grateful that we have more men with the qualities we are seeking in our eldership than are serving in this role at any given time!


I was told this story of God’s faithfulness to keep His promises. Someone on unemployment increased their tithe (from 10% to 20%) and then God blessed them with a job paying 60% more than the previous one!

During the month of November, there were 11 households who took the faith challenge, and thirteen people who gave financially to TMCC for the first time! I’m excited about how people will experience God when steps of faith like this are taken towards Him!

Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.  Malachi 3:10 (NIV)



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