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Candidate Countdown 3...2...1...

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

Of the three positions we’ve been posting on the “Careers” page on our website, TWO have been filled and the third is getting close!

On the weekend of February 10-11, a candidate for the Next Gen Ministries Pastor position, Adam Hollingsworth, was here to visit. An offer was extended to Adam and he and his wife, Megan, said YES! They will be joining our team after their college graduation in May!

Savannah Porter-Office Manager

Savannah first visited TMCC with her children three years ago at the recommendation of her friends. She stayed because she loved the teaching that weekend and the people whom she described as, "so warm and welcoming."

She serves at TMCC on the Hosting team and with the Communion ministry. She has also served with MOPS (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers) as a leader and a coach in three states.

Her husband Jack has joined her at TMCC and now he volunteers with the Casa Support team!

We are excited to be able to add her to the team and grateful that she is bringing her gifts into the Ministry Support Center!!

Connections Pastor Update

The Connections Pastor has been narrowed to two candidates and one is emerging as the front runner!  So, stay tuned...there may be another site visit in the weeks ahead!

Explanation on the Projectors

We’ve been asked about our poor performing projectors in the auditorium and last Sunday one died! It’s probably just a bulb but here’s what we are thinking.  

Those projectors are coming up on their 10th birthday, the technology has evolved to LED and we are reluctant to pay the price for the expensive bulbs for old technology. BUT, the new projectors are more expensive than we can afford right now.  THAT’S the quandary!

When the day eventually comes to build the new worship center, it will most likely have flatpanels on the walls instead of projector screens. However, our current building doesn’t have the juice to power them, so LED projectors is where we will go until the funds accumulate to make the purchase.  

In the meantime, the other outside projector will be left off to balance the dead one on the right.

Strategic Partner Fair

What fun! I personally enjoyed visiting every table!  What a privilege to have TEN partners reaching out, touching lives, and growing people to know love and serve Jesus as an extension of our ministry doing what they do better than we could it ourselves! They really are our partners in ministry and extend our reach here and around the world!

I enjoyed seeing maps that showed exactly where our international strategic partners serve and hearing stories from different tables.

Carenet Director, Tina Upshaw, said they are really excited about the person they hired to do their website and that he expects to be finished in a couple of weeks!  We were able to provide them with several possibilities for Mother’s Day Walk for Life t-shirts and they chose two that they can't wait to give out! (YES, they will be printed on both sides with messages designed to speak to clients instead of donors!).

Pastor A's Jeepney

Here’s the letter of appreciation for our generosity and a photo of the Jeepney he was able to buy!

(Faces were covered for the protection of Pastor A- per his request.)

Dear Pastor Randy and TMCC brethren, 

Thank you very much for your kind support to the 

mission works over here in the Philippines especially 

with your donation out of your outrageous generosity

for the church jeepney. Please see the attached

picture of the newly purchased vehicle for the church use.

Thank you once again. 

May God bless you. In 

His service, 

Pastor A



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