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Building Plans

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

to the role of Next Gen Ministries Pastor! Adam and his wife, Megan, recently completed their bachelor’s degrees at Nebraska Christian College (where Kim and I met and graduated from . . . a few years ago. lol!)

Adam will lead both the Children and Student Ministries and his task is described as “Preparing the next generation to lead the church!”

When Kim and I went to attend their graduation, I promised both sets of parents (and their siblings) that we would care for them well and that Thunder Mountain Church is a great place for them to start their ministry careers together. We are a healthy church with people who are kind and gracious with one another and I believe we have the best staff-elder relationships of any church I know!

Join me in welcoming Adam and Megan and caring for them!

Adam is a blogger too and I think his blog would be worth subscribing to. His last post happened to mention Rahab, which was the subject of last weekend’s message. Check out Adam's blog here!


I mentioned in closing last weekend about our plans to connect to the city sewer this Summer and I’d like to tell you a little bit more about it here.

An architect has drawn up plans for each foot of the ten acres we currently own, however, because we have two septic tanks (one for the main building and one for the Ministry Support Center) our huge leach field prevents any further development. Therefore, in order to be able to build on our own land, we need to connect to the city sewer. That requires us to pay by the foot to run a line to connect to the nearest point that is in Golden Acres.

The next step in our plans to expand will be announced soon but we want to prepare by paying cash this Summer for the prep-work that needs to be done.

If reaching more people through our campus is of interest to you, you can help by designating something extra to the Building Fund.

Your giving to the General Fund allows us to minister today and the Building Fund prepares us to minister tomorrow!  


Last weekend, we featured an organization dedicated to eliminating child prostitution in India by providing rescue, restoration, and justice for victims of sex trafficking.  So far, they have rescued more than 389 women out of sex slavery and a big part of the rehabilitation process is through teaching the women how to make jewelry. The jewelry is sent to people in the States, like our Gaye Shepherd, which allows people here to help people there in a big way!

I am thrilled to report that your generosity and your heart for outreach were certainly evident and the $1,800 raised this weekend will have a huge impact!  Not to mention the beautiful jewelry people will able to enjoy here!


It’s amazing the things that can attract our attention. In the story of Rahab, there is a Jericho prostitute who God chose to save because of her faith and exalt her to the point of naming her in the “Hall of Fame” chapter of faith (Hebrews 11). He also chose to insert her into the “Messianic Line” (ancestors of Jesus). WHY does the question about her lie attract so much attention?

In our study this week, more time was spent researching THAT topic than anything else to do with her amazing story!

WHY?  After all, here was probably the best example in the bible of how no one is ever beyond God’s reach of redemption (salvation)!

SO, WHY is so much written about whether or not it was “ok” for her to lie?

Brought up in the discussion were those who lied about hiding Jews in the midst of the Holocaust.

Mentioned were the Egyptian midwives who defied the Pharaoh’s orders to kill the first-born Hebrew baby boys.

It was even suggested that the “rules of war” should be consulted.

I recognize a tendency to want to know the following:

  • “When is it ok to lie?”
  • “What can I get away with?”
  • Often these questions are just different forms of this one:  “How far can I get away from God and still be considered ‘His’?”

My conclusion after considering the scriptures above and reading all of these links below is this: I DON’T KNOW!

It seems like her lie was the only way to protect the spies, yet I firmly believe that God’s purposes didn’t need anyone to lie to be fulfilled.

The best a lie can accomplish is to prolong the temporary.  God’s purposes are eternal.

What I do know:

  1. God doesn’t lie (Hebrews 6:18).
  2. God’s kingdom is advanced through truth (1 John 1:6).
  3. Jesus is the embodiment of truth (John 14:6).
  4. When I am tempted to lie, it is because of a lack of faith on my part.
  5. Jesus told the truth to a question that caused him to be condemned to execution (Matthew 26:63-66).

What I think is . . .

  1. I don’t know if I would like to save my own life.
  2. I would lie if I knew it would save the life of another.

Below are a few more blogs to read about Rahab’s lie.


One of the common characteristics over the years of people who have come to Thunder Mountain Church has been the desire for our lives to have influence for the Lord beyond the grave!  THAT is exactly what was said about the person we will meet from Hebrews 11 this week! I hope you can make it! 


Our Easter offering continues to take shape in the form of providing security around the entire campus in the city of Hermosillo.  Last week, I received word that said, “One more week in the first 80 meters will be finished.” WAY TO GO TMC! “Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to give this blessing!”


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