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Birthday #56

Posted by Randy Youngblood, Lead Pastor on

For the past six weeks, we have looked at new definitions of “church”. For me, each week was a special encounter with God as He revealed His Church in a deeper way than I had even anticipated!

Birthday #56

Last week, I had another birthday. I turned 56, which means that I have been living here as much time as I have lived everywhere else combined!

It also reminded me of a “prophetic” word that haunted me for two years during my cancer battle. The weekend before I was officially diagnosed (at the age of 50) I watched a movie of a pastor who died at 52. I decided that there are two things to consider when trying to determine if a “voice” is God, or not... 1) Does it come true? 2) The voice of condemnation is never God’s!

Well, I made it and I’m grateful!  This summer will be the coveted five-year mark (where doctors recognize it as the “cancer-free” mark) since the last cancer was detected and removed. Since I am not very good at celebrating, I want to make it a point to give thanks to God that He isn’t done with me yet. I love working to prepare His Church and to meeting Him on that special day!

A blessing at lunch on my birthday!

Kim and I went out to lunch on my birthday and the server came out to our table and said, “I told the staff that my pastor is sitting in my section. I’m so excited!" She went on to share how the Lord has been working in her life to set her free from the effects of sin.

The thing that struck us, was her desire to get healthy and the peace in her eyes, in spite of difficult painful circumstances. She had a renewed hope in the Lord because of her time at TMCC!

She went on to share how she had a bad church experience and didn’t attend anywhere for 13 years before coming to TMCC. She went on to say that God has transformed her in so many ways because of the kind of church we are!  

What a great blessing on my birthday to see, first hand, how Our Church is functioning as God intended!


Recently, I mentioned that we had been on a ten-year run of increasing attendance, until it dipped recently, which prompted this text from Justin McPeak:

“This weekend, you mentioned there's been a slight dip in attendance this last year. Just finished metrics through May. That is true, however, it is a crazy slight dip. As in only 4 people less. May 2016 attendance avg YTD - 672, May 2017 attendance avg YTD - 668. And that's in the midst of a real challenging year. Just wanted to loop you in.


God is still working!” 


New Series Starts this Weekend!

Becoming a Man After God's Own Heart
Story of David

Through the month of June, our series will be based on the Old Testament character of a man who had plenty of messes, yet God still referred to him as “a man after my own heart!"


Come find out! Learn how YOU, with your messes, can be THAT kind of person to God! It could change how you see God and it could change your life!


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